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ESPN’s Salary Crunch: Just in case you wanna feel like crap, and hate LeBron some more

ESPN just made us hate LeBron James even more. Meet the Salary Crunch, an EastSidePN.com feature that “breaks down statistics from his 2009-10 season and the playoffs to help translate his full salary” and pisses off all us poor fans … Continue reading

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If the pinstripes fit, wear ‘em – LeBron, Miami Heat are the new Yankees

So New York didn’t get LeBron James, but Miami will get a taste of New York when King James comes to town next season. I made the random Yankees-Heat parallel to Ryantific earlier today before the announcement, and after James … Continue reading

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LeBron James not making any friends (outside DWade and CBosh)

Not sure if you heard the news, but LeBron James is going to Miami. Not Los Angeles (sorry Lambo). Not New York (sorry Slim). Not Chicago (sorry Pembertonian, and 68% of our readers who voted in the LeBron poll). Not … Continue reading

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Odds LeBron James Leaves Cleveland, Goes to Chicago Bulls, Makes Pemberton Look Brilliant

LeBron James is going to the Chicago Bulls, a source not even close to LeBron, located on the opposite side of the country, has guessed on WCBias.com. You heard it hear first: not by me, but Pembertonian, who called his … Continue reading

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Fit for a King: We're not worthy of King James' swampy sweats

Editor’s note: This is the first of an occasional series where WCBias.com highlights a jerk move by one of your favorite prima donnas. This week, we shine the light on King Jerk, we mean James, for his disrespect of a … Continue reading

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