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Is Tweeting legal in Arizona? How about playing defense?

I wasn’t in the tweeting mood during Monday’s Western Conference Finals opener, which the Los Angeles Lakers won 128-107 over the Phoenix Suns, but if I were, here’s what this bird woulda chirped: If Lamar “The Candy Man” Odom plays … Continue reading

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Lakers' First-Round Foe: Can OKC Bring the Thunder?

Oklahoma City’s loss in Portland on Monday night officially sealed their first-round fate, ensuring a playoff matchup with the Lakers starting this weekend at the Staples Center. Bad news for Thunder fans, so sayeth the common wisdom.  Basketball blogs have … Continue reading

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Now that the dust, champagne, confetti and rioting has settled, let’s look back at some thoughts from a weekend in Vegas, my 32nd birthday (I’m feeling really old after this one) and, oh yeah, the Los Angeles Lakers winning the … Continue reading

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Kobe vs. LeBron: Who's the best closer in the game?

According to Jeff VanGundy and ABC and ESPN and Fox Sports Net and Co.: Kobe Bryant is the “best closer in the game.” Well, Tuesday night he wasn’t. Two huge turnovers and missing 12 of your final 16 shots (not … Continue reading

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Bruno vs. Eminem? Gimme Kobe vs. D-Howard

OK, so all anyone is going to talk about Monday morning at work is Bruno, aka Sacha Baron Cohen or “Borat,” tea-bagging Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards tonight. Yeah, I saw it: watched the MTV Movie Awards with the … Continue reading

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Is Chauncey Billups Hall of Fame material?

While we’re on the topic of potential Hall of Famers: How about Chauncey Billups? I brought this up last night to a couple WCBias representatives after Chauncey Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Billups put the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals. Billups isn’t exactly … Continue reading

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Los Angeles, We Have a Problem

What the hell? Ryantific and I just got done watching tonight’s Lakers-Rockets game and are trying to figure out how Los Angeles lost to Houston – a team the Lakers spanked during the regular season. Here are some of the … Continue reading

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Who's the better basketball player, Kobe the distributor or Kobe the finisher?

It’s easy to answer when you look at the way the Laker’s are rolling so far in the 2009 playoffs. There’s about 4 minutes left in the 2nd quarter of game 2 against Utah. Kobe’s got 3 points and 5 … Continue reading

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