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In a class of our own

So finally got me a (hand me down) iPhone last week, along with the slick WordPress app that I’m currently using to write this post. In a way I feel like I’m cheating — posting from a phone, on my … Continue reading

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ESPN’s Salary Crunch: Just in case you wanna feel like crap, and hate LeBron some more

ESPN just made us hate LeBron James even more. Meet the Salary Crunch, an EastSidePN.com feature that “breaks down statistics from his 2009-10 season and the playoffs to help translate his full salary” and pisses off all us poor fans … Continue reading

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The 4 Hs make a difference in sports (and I'm not talking HGH for once)

If you’re an avid follower of the Bias, or have had the unfortunate luck of knowing me for an extended period of time, you’ve no doubt heard me rant and rave about everything from HGH to the horrendous officiating in … Continue reading

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Speaking of perfection, Mo' Rivera still perfect after all these years

Props to Oakland’s Dallas Braden tonight for chucking a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays (in case you missed it, since it came on Mother’s Day and all: and nobody showed up in Oakland to watch it anyway (12,228 … Continue reading

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ESPN: Kevin Durant Traded to Boston Celtics, Lakers fans rejoice [video]

Have no fear Los Angeles Lakers fans: Kevin Durant has been traded to the Boston Celtics. Don’t believe me? ESPN just reported it. Lead story on SportsCenter tonight! Apparently, you can make trades during the postseason now. Additional breaking news, … Continue reading

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Dirty Sanchez

“Absolutely filthy.” That’s how ESPN’s Baseball Tonight crew described Jonathan Sanchez’s no-hitter tonight. And while we don’t write about the San Francisco Giants that often on The Bias, we had to give a tip of the hat to Sanchez, a … Continue reading

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And today's favorite to win the NBA title is …

The Fourth of July might be gone, but the fireworks remain in the NBA. Yeah, that’s such a lame AP-style lead. I would’ve gone with something like, “You can’t spell Fourth of July Weekend without W-T-F,” but that would upset … Continue reading

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Thanks But No Thanks

Oh, ESPN —could I please go to the ESPYs?  And only $500 for a VIP pass?  Shoot, I’ll take two.  Wait no, make that a dozen.  I’m sure these will be selling like freaking HOTCAKES on craig’s list by the … Continue reading

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How Do You Have a Job Doris Burke?

Updating Saturday’s post, it appears Kobe Bryant “was as tired as he’s ever been” after Saturday’s game and needed an IV, reports ESPN sideline “reporter” Doris Burke … on MONDAY! Thanks for the report Doris, 48 hours later. Whatever you … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Why ESPN's SportsCenter Moved to L.A.

So I guess it’s official. ESPN’s SportsCenter has moved to the West Coast. The move, which I haven’t been looking forward to since we started this blog, was made official with ESPN’s first West Coast edition on Monday night — … Continue reading

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