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NBA All Star game strongest in years

On Sunday NBA fans were witness to the most entertaining NBA All Star game in years. It had intensity and a very interesting sub plot. The game actually featured defense and intense play (yes, by the end of the game … Continue reading

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What if … What if … What if Shaq & Kobe stuck together

Great question posed on the Dan Patrick show today:Are Shaq and Kobe remembered for what they did together (three titles with the L.A. Lakers) or what they didn’t do together (nine titles?)? Reminds me of Billy Hoyle and Sidney Deane … Continue reading

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Rockets get a steal in Artest

Ron Artest is allegedly going to the Rockets for next to nothing. I don’t know why more people aren’t making a big deal about this trade like they did when the Lakers “stole” Pau Gasol from Memphis for next to … Continue reading

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Cover your eyes, Shaq's at the line

Tonight’s Suns-Spurs game reminded me of the Elks Lodge Hoops Shoot contests we used to compete in as a kid.You know, those cover-your-eyes free-throw contests where 8- to 10-year olds shanked free throws all over your rundown junior high gymnasium … Continue reading

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