If you ever wondered who the masked men behind The Bias are, here you go:

Ryantific “The Lakers 6th Man”

Ryantific is a longtime Los Angeles Lakers fan, growing up in the Showtime Era when high shorts (Rambis), even higher socks (Cooper), goggles (Kareem) and smiles (Magic) were all the rage in the NBA.

Ryantific’s early years were spent ballin’ on the A-town blacktop where he regularly beat BSlim in one-on-one for Mr. Bungle and Megadeath CDs.

Today, RK is a talented graphic designer who balls a couple times a week when his knee holds up, brews his own moonshine and jams with Pembertonian and company on Friday afternoons.

BG “The Dodgers Batboy”

While his real name has been withheld so that his boss doesn’t find out what he’s really doing all day at work, many believe the G in his nickname stands for Guerrero, as it has been rumored BG is a long-lost son of Pedro Guerrero.

One of the founding bloggers on, BG lives in the Santa Barbara area, where he skates, surfs, worships Vin Scully and slangs female fertility drugs in his spare time.

Along with being our ace Dodgers blogger, BG also confuses the hell out of our readers with posts about random concerts and restaurant reviews. Then again, he’s usually the only one worth reading  ’cause he’s funny as hell and leads the WCB crew in bylines.

Pembertonian “The Sr. Blogger”

Pembertonian, as avid followers of this blog know, was a latecomer to The Bias, and the West Coast, for that matter.

He grew up in the Midwest, so you’ll have to excuse all the posts about the Cubbies and Hoosiers. He also hates or is annoyed by pretty much everything. Luckily for us, he’s in a West Coast state of mind most of the time, getting the stoke in the middle of work shifts and living at the beach on the weekends.

Poor Pembertonian is also the last one on The Bias staff who still works at a newspaper, and he’s likely receiving a paycut or a demotion as you’re reading this. But to keep spirits up around The Bias newsroom, BSlim has tabbed him senior blogger, which has spurred Pembertonian on to become one of the Bias’ most prolific contributors.


Well, Slim is the ringleader of this circus, contributing toThe Bias as a way to get his writing on after finally getting out of the newspaper business.

Slim writes about pretty much everything, but usually just sticks to bitching about the hacks left in the media, the talking heads on TV, and that alleged East Coast Bias that EastSidePN and the other networks tend to favor from time to time.

JLJ “notsellingjeans”

The newest addition to the Bias roster, notsellingjeans brings some Bay Area balance to this otherwise Southern California-leaning blog.

“We’re not selling jeans here,” – Billy Beane’s now-famous rebuttal to his own scouts in Moneyball – represents his philosophy as a sports fan.  Just as Beane wanted his scouts to look deeper, JLJ enjoys the numbers of sports – the contracts, the salary cap rules and figures, and advanced statistics.

His greatest sports passions are MLB and the NBA, and he lives and dies with the A’s on TV each night.


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