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Black Socks for White Sox

Have you ever wondered why the Chicago Black Sox wore white socks and the White Sox wear black socks? Okay, that’s only partly true. The disgraced Black Sox of 1919 (That’s them to the right — they’re all dead now) … Continue reading

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BG's Fan Fiction: Ned Colletti's Rollerblade Q & A

Ned Colletti was not happy.  The Dodgers were in the middle of a terrible swoon, his prized possession (and the man who had completely and totally saved his job by being run out of Boston) was on the DL and … Continue reading

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Roy Halladay's Historic Season

In July, you’re probably going to read a stat-filled column by Philadelphian Jayson Stark with a title very similar to that one.  I’m just going to plant the seed in your mind a little bit early. 3-0, 24 IP, 21 … Continue reading

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Baseball Hat of the Day

Has it been long enough for this hat to be cool yet? I know, I know. I’m supposed to wear the hat of my favorite team. But, you know, that’s just kind of boring. Plus, the fashionista in me says … Continue reading

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Baseball Picks A Week Late

You know, anyone  can make predictions before the season begins. But if you ask me, I say that’s for amateurs. Because, really, come on — who knows anything before the season starts? I mean, sure, maybe we’ve watched a few … Continue reading

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Key to Dodgers Success: More Cubs

The good news for the Dodgers: They are comfortably in first place. The bad: They won’t play the Cubs in the playoffs. After losing consecutive series matches against Arizona and St. Louis, the Blue Crew was looking a little weak. … Continue reading

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Pre-Season Ball: Not Exactly Baseball Fever But Sorta Funny

You’ve gotta love pre-season baseball. I like how the guys who have no chance to make the team are branded with high numbers on their jerseys. So, if you’re a fan, you’re like, “Hey, #81, good luck in double-A this … Continue reading

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Do You Think Manny Ramirez Knows We're In a Recession?

This is gonna date me, but I vividly remember when the Yankees made Dave Winfield the highest paid player in baseball. It was 1981, and Winfield got a 10-year deal for $23 million. At the time, people bitched and moaned … Continue reading

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The Way, Way, Way, Way West Coast

Everyone has been getting a kick out of Mariah Carey’s first pitch in Japan and I figured I’d spend a few minutes hours seeing if I could compile some sort of best/worst first pitches. You guys are so lucky to … Continue reading

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