Trevor Ariza: The 10th Circle of Hell

Trevor Ariza burning in the pits of Hades

FACT: Hell is real and you go there if you do bad things.
FACT: According to the authoritative Wikipedia, there are 9 layers of Hell as described in Dante’s “Inferno”.
FACT: There is a 10th layer of Hell and it is reserved for friends who trade other friends Trevor Ariza in fantasy basketball leagues and it is a mix of the previous nine layers plus an extra layer of imps and demons and Beelzebubs.
Damn, you Greg Snider.  See you in Hades.
• The nine circles of Hell
o 2.1 First circle (Limbo)
o 2.2 Second circle (lust)
o 2.3 Third circle (gluttony)
o 2.4 Fourth circle (greed)
o 2.5 Fifth circle (anger)
o 2.6 Sixth circle (heresy)
o 2.7 Seventh circle (violence)
o 2.8 Eighth circle (fraud)
o 2.9 Ninth circle (treachery)

Also, note to self: It is not a good sign when trade negotiations go like this:

G Snide: Do you want Trevor Ariza?  He is freaking terrible.

BG: No, not really.

G Snide: I mean, I will give him to you for nothing.

BG: OK, I will give you–

G Snide: Sold, done, send it through.

BG: I haven’t even said anybody’s name yet.

G Snide: Don’t care, just  send it.  Send it, send it, send it.


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