It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times


My phone buzzed pretty much all last night…first it was G Snide calling to tell me we’d won high points in our football league (I had no idea since footy was an afterthought this week) but all night I got a variety of messages and emails from the various Giant and Dodger fans sprinkled throughout my phone book.  Here’s a random yet representative sampling:

This is lowest of the low for us- Doctor J.
I think I am still rooting for the Giants – My dad
I just wet myself- Nick G.
How can you root for the Giants?  I was taught to hate the Giants – the girlfriend
The Giants win the World Series, The Giants win the World Series- G Snide
And the photo to your left/above from Newby.

Nice going, gents.  And of course I’m still (mostly) happy you San Franciscans even though for most Dodger fans this is Armageddon times the Apocalypse times a rectal exam but at the moment I feel like a nutter standing on the street corner with one of those THE END IS NEAR signs and I couldn’t be happier.  If the 2010 Giants can win a World Series then literally anybody can.  No, neither the Rangers nor the Giants are small market clubs but that Giant payroll suddenly looks a lot more skimpy when you deduct Barry Zito and Aaron Rowan’s bloated figures (dropping from a mid-tier $96M to a Washington Nationalesque $66M according to Cot’s).   The lesson, as always: spend to develop good young pitching, don’t throw money at pricey veterans that have a terrible ROI, get hot at the right time and get really, really lucky.

Oh, and just in case you think I’ve gone soft…nope.  Just jealous, that’s all.  And in case you need a little ammunition for the off-season and a reason to rekindle the NorCal hate, here’s a random sampling from Rob Neyer’s ESPN chat earlier today:

Conversation_page duuuder commented on Chat with Rob Neyer

haha bitter dodger “fans” havent even seen your franchise play in the WS since 88 and the Giants have played in two world series in the past 8 years and are World Champions read em and weep dodger “fans”

Today at 2:25 PM

So congrats, NorCal friends-you’ve earned it.  Go flip a car over or something.

Coming up later this week: Dodger’s offseason needs and shopping list.


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