When Does Basketball Season Start Again?

Hollywood up to no good: Is that smog, or is the gloom just following us everywhere?

Well, WCBias has been extremely quiet of late, with BSlim cheating on us with a new site, www.BallHyped.com, B.G. mourning Joe Torre bouncing and the Dodgers sucking, Pembertonian spending weeks in San O. doing nothing but waxing his stick, and Ryantific breast feeding his newborn.

I blame it on L.A., because this is the first time in forever that we’ll have a fall without any of LA’s teams competing for a postseason spot. Dodgers and Angels have faded. The … oh wait, we don’t have a pro football team, but even if we did, it’s not like Calif. football is anything to write home about (the Niners and Raiders continue to be the worst franchises in the league).

USC isn’t in the BCS picture thanks to some BS from Reggie BuSh. UCLA is UCLA.

If not for San Diego, the SoCal sports scene would be a total embarrassment. Check that, the Padres just lost again, SoCal is a wreck.

So, I guess it’s time to look ahead to the NBA season.

And just like that, the odds have been released … and guess who’s favored to win the NBA Finals this coming season?

You guessed it. The Miami Heat haven’t even played a game and they have 20-1 odds to win it all. Might be a good time to throw a few bucks down on the Celtics, with 12-1 odds (it’s the only good bet on the board, even though it’s bound to be Heat-Lakers unless something crazy happens).

We’ll say it now, not hoping to jinx anyone, but injuries will be the difference this year. The Heat are one injury away from being the No. 3 team in the NBA … and until they play together, they’re not 20-1 odds to win it all. I’m sorry. I’ve haven’t forgotten how LeBron shut it down in the playoffs when things didn’t go his way.

But that’s where the money is, so I can’t say I blame Las Vegas.

Guess we’ll find out soon enough. Heat vs. Celtics on Oct. 26. Heat vs. Magic Oct. 29. Heat vs. Lakers on Christmas Day.

Here are the odds to win the NBA Championship this year, according to MGM Resorts International:

Miami                        20-1
L.A. Lakers                 3-1
Boston                        12-1
Chicago                      18-1
Orlando                       5-1

Here’s how WCBias readers voted the 2010-11 season will turn out (cast your vote in the sidebar):

Who will win the NBA title next season?

  • Los Angeles Lakers (38%)
  • Miami Heat (24%)
  • Boston Celtics (13%)
  • Chicago Bulls (9%)
  • Oklahoma City (9%)
  • Someone else? (7%)

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2 Responses to When Does Basketball Season Start Again?

  1. Ryantific says:

    Maybe we should pick the cellar teams too… my vote is Minny, New Jersey, Clippers.

  2. BSlim says:

    … and Cleveland.