Getting The Summer Stoke, California-style

So while Slim was taking his kids to the pig auction at the Califormia Mid-State Fair — he had to kill time before seeing his idol, Justin Bieber — the rest of us were getting The Stoke on a couple of fun days here in Morro Bay.

Earlier in the week, it was pretty small out there, but we got a little summer swell starting Friday. The top photo is of Clam, catching a nice little left — perfect for a goofy footer. Clam is like me — he spent a good deal of time living in Indiana, which is why I jokingly say were the only two members of the Indiana Surf Club. He grew up closer to Lake Michigan, but he never surfed the Great Lake.

The next one is Boss, again at Morro Bay. Boss Man always knows where the camera is, which is why I’ve gotten so many good shots of him.

In this shot, we have Moke, who — despite my efforts to recruit him to the stand-up world — is a sponger. This is a pretty decent shot, but spongers never look as good as stand-up guys.

Finally, here’s a shot of *ME*! It was so small earlier in the week, I was determined that not only would I wear a hat in the lineup, but I also wouldn’t even get it wet. Well, that’s sort of a lofty goal, as it turns out. I did wind up getting it wet, but I didn’t lose it. There were some decent small waves, but instead of an action shot — you know, since there are SO many of me — I figured I’d post this nice shot of Morro Rock. And, of course, I’m giving props to a fine West Coast team here.

Maybe we can drag Slim out next week. But I hear he might be taking his family to church camp.


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3 Responses to Getting The Summer Stoke, California-style

  1. BSlim says:

    Kick me while I’m down (working) why don’t you. Kick me while I’m down. I’ll remember this two weeks from now, when I’m hangin’ 10 on my week off, and you’re hanging your head on The Titanic all week.

  2. BSlim says:

    The MBPD called. They’re confiscating your hat, and until further notice because of your actions.

  3. BG says:

    Dude, seriously was that the coldest summer of all time? Look at these grayass pics, what happened to the sun? 2010 was tragic for weather.