Liquid Image Snorkel-Cam Review: BG vs. the Bat Ray

Eric, notice the Matuse wetsuit. Classy.

Due to an extreme lack of surf, I decided to bust out the Liquid Image Explorer blahblahblah snorkel this weekend.  Eric from my softball team and I charged down to Hammond’s to see what we could see.  The answer: not much.  I did however see a pretty big bat ray that I swam right over the top of, visions of Steve Irwin dancing through my head.  I was in about 7 or 8 feet of water and visibility was about five feet so of course I didn’t see the ray until it was about 4 feet from me (what fishologists call THE KILL ZONE) and of course I screamed like a little girl.  Luckily I was underwater so there was nobody to laugh at me.

The camera itself is sort of a mixed bag.  First of all taking a picture when the camera itself isn’t eye level is a challenge–there’s a semi-complicated double-X viewfinder that you see out of the mask that theoretically allows you to line up your shots so they’re at least sort of centered but most of the images I ended up with were just fuzzyass blurs, which isn’t too dissimilar from my normal point-and-shoot pics, so maybe there’s a lot of operator error involved.  Probably.  Anyway, with visibility the best it had been in months (but still less than ideal) only about half the shots came out which probably isn’t a terrible success rate for a first time user (unless you count the Blythe River Trip, but I’m not sure I do).  No, I didn’t get any pics of the Bat Ray but it wasn’t cos I was a girl and flipped out and swallowed a whole mouth full of water but because I was out of storage on the internal card…I think I was able to get about 45 images before the FULL indicator popped on.  You can add in a memory card which boosts the capacity to probably like a million photos or somewhere in that neighborhood (this also does video but I’m saving that for a future review).

Also as an aside I cut the sleeves (well, half the sleeves) off of an old full suit to make myself one of those cool half-sleeves that all the kidz tell me are the rage these days.  I am working on sewing a dirty seam or two with some nylon thread for this weekend’s project but that is a boring story now that I realize what I am typing.

Sea Monster's Eye View


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One Response to Liquid Image Snorkel-Cam Review: BG vs. the Bat Ray

  1. Slim says:

    Nice pics BG. Enjoyed the sea monster’s eye view. Looks like you guys were waaaay out there. That gets a little sketchy. Beau C and I charged the cove at Montana de Oro a couple years back, diving off our kayaks in those reefs. Pretty sick. Not quite the stoke, but good times in flat times.