Somebody get a hand in Ray-Ray's face, or Swank, Stallone, Artest gonna knock you out

Ray Allen and Jesus Shuttlesworth and the Boston Celtics.

Somebody get up in Jesus' face.

Initial thoughts from tonight’s 103-94 victory by the Boston Celtics over the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 2 of the NBA Finals:

  • Who was the best fighter in the gym tonight? A. Hillary Swank. B. Sylvester Stallone. C. Ron Artest.
  • Who’s guarding Ray Allen?
  • Lakers are up 2-0 if someone gets a hand in his face. On second thought, you could have put Michael Jordan on Allen and it probably still wouldn’t have mattered.
  • Props to the Lakers fans for actually cheering tonight. Remember those moments in Games 6 and 7 Laker fan.
  • If Allen goes off like this again, it’s time to put Artest on Ray-Ray and put Jesus Shuttlesworth on the ground. That was ridiculous.
  • If I have to watch another Sienna mini-van commercial, I’m going to puke.
  • At least we didn’t have to watch Joe Crawford give the gavee away.
  • But, really, those two “fouls” on Kobe Bryant, were those really playoff, check that, Finals fouls? That inadvertent head bump of Allen? Then Kobe gets hacked, Rondo comes away with the steal, flops out of bounds, and it’s a foul Bryant? In LA? Really?
  • Kobe looked like Reggie Miller there at the end of the first half. Unfortunately Ray Allen looked like Jordan for two halves.
  • Andrew Bynum outplayed KG, Big Baby and Perkins combined. If you would have said Bynum was going to score 21 points (as many a Kobe tonight) in the series I would have been surprised. Only bright spot for the Lakers tonight.
  • Nate Robinson = Skee lo. What if he was a couple inches taller.
  • Finals bet: Lakers win, Slim (not a big fan of raw fish) buys a sushi boat for Ryantific and I. Celtics win, Ryantific buys a case of Budweiser Select (blah), and we dust it during a World Cup game – from the back of my Sienna mini-van. Yeah, soccer. I went there.
  • Kobe’s jackknife, pump-fake shot is pretty sick. That’s a true signature move that the haters can’t give credit to MJ and the Hall of Famers before him.
  • Those ABC Wipeout commercials also got tired. And when Carmelo Anthony was in the promo saying “players need to sacrifice their bodies,” I got a good laugh.
  • Also, if I see another Mr. Spy vs. Mrs. Spy movie (Knight vs. Day or Mr. Mrs. Smith or whatever it was called), I’m going to puke: in my mini van.
  • Should Doc Rivers have benched K.G. down the stretch? Who would have thought that would have ever been a legitimate question.
  • Lakers need some R&R (Ray Allen and & Rajon Rondo). Unfortunately the series picks up in Boston on Tuesday.
  • And why is the NBA Finals 2-3-2, when the rest of the playoffs is not? Seems kind of strange to me. Seems like it gives the visitors a edge, especially in a balanced series like this when the visitors are likely to steal one of two on the road.
  • Where’s Tim Donaghy when you need him? Get that dude on the floor in crunch time.
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