Product Review: Roku Box streaming MLB TV

Here is where you pick which game you want to watch

Did I tell you guys I bought a new TV a while ago?  I was one of the last people around to finally upgrade and get a flat screen, blah blah blah TV with blah blah blah resolution and blah blah blah hertz.  Sounds awesome, right?  Right.  Anywayz, getting a new TV is nice and all but the big problem is you’re still stuck with the same old crappy programming, right?  Of course you are.  You could upgrade to digital cable but that would involve a phone call and someone coming out to your house to hook up your new digital cable and the people at Cox iz dummies so that’s out.  Too bad you can’t watch out of market games on your new TV without upgrading to the MLB package!  OMGosh but with the Roku box you totally can!  Let’s investigate!

Here is how you get a Roku box: you have your new roommate move in and he brings it with him.  Then you tell him to set it up and he does.  Then you turn on your TV and your computer.  Then you sign into your MLB account (which you have to buy or you have to have your dad buy it and then you take his password).  Then through the magic of the internetz your Roku talks to your TV and then you can watch all of the out of market games (except for the Saturday day games which are all blacked out because MLB was founded after the Civil War and they were scared the Pony Express would disseminate the accounts and descriptions of the game of Base Ball without the express written consent of Kenesaw Mountain Landis and George Washington).

Sadly we did not pitch Clay Buchholtz in our fantasy league today

So where was we?  The Roku…the TV…oh yeah so see that little box there to the lower left of the TV?  That’s the Roku.  My favorite aspects of the Roku are the following: you can chose between home and away broadcasts, virtually every station is in HD and the picture quality is amazing.  And did I mention you get to watch Yankee-Red Sox games whenever you want?  Look, I know we iz West Coast Bias and we’re all about the West Coast but try watching a Yanks-Sox tilt and then flip over and watch the Dodgers play the Padres.  I mean I love the Dodgers and all but it’s like watching Romper Room compared to the ball those two juggernauts are rolling out there.  And don’t even get me started on the Rays…that team is so fast and those pitchers are nasty.  Flipping between channels isn’t as easy as it would be on your regular TV (takes maybe 30 seconds to go from game to game) so that’s a bit of a downer but to go from the Roku to your regular TV feed (and back again) is just a matter of hitting the input button your remote, so you could easily go back and forth between an out of market game and your local team without missing much at all.

And yeah, Roku will stream some of your netflix and some other stuff too but the MLB has got to be the selling point, right?  Right.

Final verdict: 2 thumbs and 1 renob up.

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One Response to Product Review: Roku Box streaming MLB TV

  1. BSlim says:

    Good stuff BG. Now I gotta get me one of these. Plus Direct TV is brutal right now, down during the Celtics game. Nice going DTV. You notice that’s post No. 200 on the Bias? HOF numbers my friend. HOF numbers.