Odds LeBron James Leaves Cleveland, Goes to Chicago Bulls, Makes Pemberton Look Brilliant

Odds LeBron James leaves Cavs for Chicago Bulls

LeBron James is going to the Chicago Bulls, a source not even close to LeBron, located on the opposite side of the country, has guessed on WCBias.com.

You heard it hear first: not by me, but Pembertonian, who called his Ruthian shot on April 22.

Don’t believe us, check out BoDog.com’s latest odds on which team LeBron will play for next year.

A couple weeks ago, when the odds were first released, the Bulls were mere 40-1 longshots to get LeBron: but now? The Bulls are 5-2.

Congrats to Pembertonian for breaking the scoop!

Here’s the list:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers: 1-2

2. Chicago Bulls: 5-2

3. New York Knicks: 9-2

4. New Jersey Nets: 15-1

5. Any Other Team: 18-1

6. Dallas Mavericks: 30-1

7. Miami Heat: 35-1

8. Los Angeles Clippers: 40-1

9: Olympiakos (Greece): 150-1 (Greek towel boys are shaking in their sandals as we speak).

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7 Responses to Odds LeBron James Leaves Cleveland, Goes to Chicago Bulls, Makes Pemberton Look Brilliant

  1. Bulls Fan in Cali says:

    LeBron looks pretty sharp in that Bulls uni.

  2. I think LeBron should go to the Bulls, he’s doesn’t have other choice and to me if he goes there the Bulls will be a great team!

  3. What you trying to say, he should go to the Bulls

  4. Tony Smrok says:

    LeBron will go to Chicago if he wants to win. If he stays with Cleveland, he is thinking of money and not a championship. The only place he will win is Chicago.

  5. Loyalty says:

    I think Lebron needs to stay on the cavaliers… Jordan wrote history with the Bulls, Kobe wrote history with the Lakers, so now its his turn to write it with the cavaliers. i have faith u can bring a championship to Cleveland, And i’m from New York

  6. Loyalty says:

    Also Jordan or Kobe didn’t win in their first couple of years… Lebron u have a lot of years ahead of u and two more until Kobe retires… hopefully, ahaha… but Jordan nor Kobe got traded to win their rings(and i know about Kobe being traded to Lakers in the beginning of his career but he still didn’t win until later down his years)