Why I love Charles?

Charles Barkley kisses official.

Dick Bavetta isn't the only one with a Sir Charles crush. All of us here at The Bias love what Barkley brings.

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By Nick Wilson

Charles Barkley is the bomb.

Charles is real. He speaks what he feels. And when he doesn’t, he gives pretty good hints.

Charles likes certain guys; he’s a fan like you and me.

He loves Nash, Russell Westbrook, Ginobili and the underdog in general and is loyal to his crew – Ernie, Kenny, and CWeb.

I love the TNT crew because they treat the game like it should be treated – entertainment!

With all the highlights and glorification of Lebron, Kobe, and the Yankees on ESPN, TNT is keep it frickin’ real:

What is sports anyway?

For me the answer is entertainment. Sure, there’s strategy and X’s and O’s. And that’s essentially what matters as a player. But for me it’s fun to appreciate the beauty of certain amazing athletes and like the guys you like based on their interviews, personas and style of play.

I love Nash because he’s a fun player to watch. He runs the floor, passes the ball, nails the three, gets teammates moving.

I hate Kobe because he’s arrogant and is so cocksure that he is the center of the universe that it’s going to be fun to watch him deteriorate in the next few years when LeBron takes over in the way of championship rings.

I guess my West Coast bias lies in the desert in Phoenix – but it’s still the West, baby.

Charles Barkley calls it like he sees it. He’s funny, lively, honest, and frickin’ doesn’t take it all so dang seriously.

It’s not World War II were talking about. This isn’t D-Day.

This is a bunch of guys paid to play basketball – the game you played as a kid and attempt to navigate as an adult.

My favorite Barkley quote is when he said in every NBA game there is a fan who is so obnoxious that as a player you can’t help but hear him and get pissed.

It’s a NBA player’s right to go out there, he believes, and lawsuits aside, duke it out with them at half-court.

I fully agree. Charles. You da man.

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2 Responses to Why I love Charles?

  1. BSlim says:

    Charles is the man. I still feel bad for bustin’ him up a bit a couple years ago, but you can’t agree with a polarizing figure like him all the time. And anyone who stands up for NBA referees falls for anything. They’re all brutal in my eyes. Except Dick Bavetta. He’s a stud. Just look at that pic.