Baseball Picks A Week Late

You know, anyone  can make predictions before the season begins. But if you ask me, I say that’s for amateurs. Because, really, come on — who knows anything before the season starts?

I mean, sure, maybe we’ve watched a few exhibition games. But what can we glean by watching guys who are going to end up in double-A anyway? So what I’m saying is that I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t want to jump into things. I’m rational. I use my head.

I’m not a member of any tea party.

A week into things, we can’t glean much from this season, except that Toronto will once again get off to a good start only to suck just as soon as people realize there’s still a Canadian team int he league. And, of course, the Pirates will suck for another decade.  (Seriously — and WHY do people go to their games?)  But here’s who I like so far:



* Yankees.  I think losing Matui is really going to hurt the defending champs. But probably not enough to derail them. I mean, come on — it’s an all-star team, even if an aging one.  People like Tampa Bay as a sleeper, and they have a shot at the wild card. But the Yanks have one more year in them before Rivera, Posada and Jeter switch to the 35 and older softball league.


* Twins. These guys have some bats and they always seem to know how to win. It’s just that everyone always forgets that Minnesota has a baseball team. The White Sox pitching looks good (Did you SEE that play Buehrle made in his first start?) , but they shouldn’t have given up on Jermaine Dye — or they should have found someone good enough to replace him. And the Tigers will score runs, but I don’t know — I just don’t see it happening there.Every since Kirk Gibson left . . .


* Rangers. I kind of like their stadium. And they can score runs. But, to be honest, I hate the state of  Texas for a host of reasons. So I really hope I’m wrong here. But I also think time is running out on the Angels. Watch for the A’s to make strides. Or, at least, that’s what I read.



* Phillies. Yeah, I know — boring pick. But I don’t think the Braves are ready to take over. And also? I hate the Braves. Not as much as Texas. But still.


* Cardinals. Any team with Pujols has an unfair advantage. Seriously. The guy’s a stud. In fact, he ought to wear a cape.  And if that weren’t enough, the Cards beefed up their roster behind him.  Brew Crew are a second-place quality team, and the Cubs didn’t add anyone to a third place team, which makes them still a third place team.


* Padres. Ha — just kidding. Actually, this has the chance to be an interesting race. Both the Dodgers and Giants have great young talent, and the Rockies and Diamondbacks look good, too. But I think the Dodgers are on a faster trajectory, plus I heard Joe Torre’s been surfing during the offseason again, so he’s chilled and ready.

World Series:  Twins v. Cardinals

World Series Champs: Cards

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One Response to Baseball Picks A Week Late

  1. BSlim says:

    Better late than never. Can’t say I disagree with many of these. But the Padres? Yeah, that gave me a good laugh. JT and the Dodgers will get the stoke this fall. Well, they better, or we’ll have nothing to write about.