Day One

One second after this photo was taken Hamilton hit a ball one kajillion miles

Hello friends,

I’m lounging around in a post waffle bar haze with the boys while we figure out where we’re going today…pretty sure it’s Scottsdale in the morning for the Giants vs. Reds and then maybe Seattle vs. Milwaukee for the nightcap.  Yesterday was good times, perfect weather, lots of scoring including a bomb by Manny that landed about 20 feet from us and a home run from Josh Hamilton that was last seen somewhere over Mesa’s airspace.  We also hit a mini-milestone, arriving in time for the National Anthem before the Rangers game–first time yet.  Well done, JC.

Because all of the Satan Beelzebub t-shirts were sold out

Camelback was every bit as nice as I remembered it, only downside was that a) there were billions of people there (game set a record for Cactus League attendance)  b) Cubs fans are pasty.  Speaking of Cubs fans, what do you make of this lady who showed up wearing a Milton Bradley Mariners jersey to a Cubs game?  Why would somebody do something like that?  I wanted to make her my girlfriend but I got too nervous to ask her because she is so perfect.  If only I’d gotten to her 5 years and 80 pounds ago.  Alas.

Billingsley pitched for the Dodgers and sadly looked like Chad Billingsley.  What else did we see…um…Soriano, Chris Davis, Rickie Weeks and Corey Heart all swing at everything and miss often but Corey Heart did spend 15 minutes signing autographs for everybody who wanted one so that’s pretty cool.

I’m going to see if I can steal another waffle and sit in the pool for a little bit before we head out of here.  Big ups, suckers.

Can't keep a good man down

Can't Keep a Good Man Down

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2 Responses to Day One

  1. Anonymous says:

    You live the life everyman wishes they did

  2. BSlim says:

    I am definitely jealous right now as I prepare for another fun work day.