Have the Mountains Gotten Smaller or is the Water Getting High?

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The Boys Are (Not) Back in Town

The Boys Are (Not) Back in Town

If you’re reading this it’s because you’re a Dodger fan and, like me, you’ve spent the majority of this week feeling like you’ve been kicked in the balls.  And not some glancing blow either but a straight up Adam Vinatieri 50 yard field goal to the nuts.  We spend six months following these guys, reading about them, writing about them, watching them, driving to see them and thinking about them at just about all times in between.  The sharp, crushing sensation that began Monday night with Jimmy Rollins’ liner into the gap has dissipated into a dull ache that has finally settled somewhere in the pit of my stomach and, as of yet, hasn’t completely gone away.  As we enter into this offseason of uncertainty with arbitration clocks ticking, Vinny’s final season, and (at best) three-fifths of a rotation we owe it to ourselves to ask: when is it our turn?  When do we get to taste those fruits of victory that I remember hearing so much about?  I was in fourth grade the last time the Dodgers went to the World Series.  Matt Kemp had just turned four years old.  It’s been a while, you know what I’m saying?

Obviously, we here in Dodger land have it better than you poor yokels in Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Cincinnati.  I know this.  We’ve got a team that can compete essentially every year for a postseason berth which is more than most can say.  But is that it?  A few wins over some NL Central foe and a quick parting gift while thousands of “Los Angeles Dodgers: NL Champs!” t-shirts are shipped to some third world country?  I want to win.  I want Kemp and Ethier locked up with 5 year deals for $50M each.  I want John Lackey at the top of the rotation next year and I want Roy Halladay added at the deadline if need be.  I’m tired of running into the Phillies and getting beat every which way in October.  And yes, we will be with you guys win or lose either way…but we’d prefer winning, if at all possible.


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2 Responses to Have the Mountains Gotten Smaller or is the Water Getting High?

  1. James says:

    If John Lackey signs with the Dodgers, he’ll be dead to me. You have Jeff Weaver, what more do you want? Heck, you can sign Justin Speier next year and we won’t even mind – we’ll even pick up his salary.