The One Where We Go To a Dodger Game and Manny Doesn't Play

Bend But Dont Break

Bend But Don't Break

We were about ten miles out of the Stadium, heading north on the 5 when James Loney chased Andre Ethier home with a single up on the middle, cutting the Marlins’ lead over the Dodgers to 8-6 and bringing the tying run to the plate when Rick Monday said, “This Dodger team has really changed the way the fans see the game.  If you come out to the stadium, DO NOT LEAVE EARLY.”  Not exactly what you are hoping to hear when you’ve invested a little over three hours in a sweat-filled Sunday afternoon at Chavez Ravine before packing it in but so it goes.  As (un) luck would have it, Matt Kemp fouled out to end the comeback bid, as Jessica, Jesse (the SB Little Brother) and myself headed West on the 134 (John B had driven up for the day and he was battling his own demons on the 110 I suppose).
My advice to those of you out there looking for an offensive outburst–try to catch a Dodger game where Jason Schmidt is on the bump.  Over three lifeless innings the Dodgers’ starter threw puffballs up to the plate which were batted around the yard (don’t think I’ve ever seen so many lefties pull balls into the RCF gap as I did yesterday, a sure sign the Schmidt/Weaver duo was not bringing any heat) with reckless abandon.  The Dodger highlights were few and far between, a Russ Mart HR and a Matt Kemp crashing catch in Center (which is essentially a daily occurrence now) likely being the only takeaways.  But who cares about winning, Sunday was all about some good seats for cheap (thanks Stubhub) and taking the little fella to a game.  Negative traffic either way and a Dodger Dog and mini-bat makes for a fine day at the yard.
The real disappointment was no Manny in the lineup, despite the fact that Thursday was an off day.  Also when in the hell are we going to get another pitcher?  Kuroda can’t be trusted, Schimdt is sadly probably done and that leaves us with the three headed monster of C Bill, Kershaw and Wolf going into the post season…this is the same business model the Chicago Cubs employed last year-best regular season record and went into the first round against the Dodgers as an underdog, Zambrano laid an egg and the rest was formulaic.  I don’t want to give up anybody already in uniform for Halladay but if he is our last, best chance what are we supposed to do?  The Indians are supposedly listening to offers for Cliff Lee, how about getting in on that for McDonald, Lambo and whoever?  Yes, that makes them a little lefty-heavy but last I checked the Phils lineup had a few lefties of their own, right?  And look what Lee has done vs. Lefties this year.  Yes please.

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