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Heart of a Lion, Arm of my Sister

Heart of a Lion, Arm of my Sister

Raise your hand if you made it to the end of the Dodger game last night.  Yeah, don’t feel bad, I didn’t either.  It was a long day, man—full of spray painting Ikea furniture and you know, that whole work thing.  So by the time the 12th inning had rolled around the Dodgers showed absolutely no inclination of coming up with a big hit I had to call it an evening and headed off for bed.  Of course I missed Ethier’s walk-off job in the bottom of the 13th which is a downer, especially given the magnitude of this series.  Wait, what’s that BG?  You’re talking about the magnitude of a Dodgers-Rockies series in June?  Have you totally lost it? Look, this is a big deal, relatively speaking at least.  The Dodgers are coming off of two-straight losing series (their first back to back skid of the year), the Rockies are breathing fire (winners of 20 out of their last 23 coming into last night) and the Giants are playing like freaking world beaters right now (Kruk said on BBTN they’re the 6th best team in all of baseball and I think he’s right).  If the Dodgers drop 2 out of 3 to Colorado here suddenly things are getting a little tight at the top, no?

And since I missed The Beefcake’s walk-off my takeaway from last night is The Weave opening-and-shutting the door last night on the 10th.  Recap from Yahoo! sports:

Top 10th: Colorado – J. Weaver relieved J. Broxton (Filet mingon or McDonalds cheeseburger? Um…yeah, cheeseburger please)
- R. Spilborghs doubled to deep center (Santa Barbara represent)
- C. Iannetta singled to left, R. Spilborghs to third (You do NOT want to gamble on Juan Pierre’s arm, trust me)
- C. Gonzalez hit for J. Rincon (No comment)
- C. Gonzalez struck out swinging (Sit)
- C. Iannetta to second on fielder’s indifference (More pressure on the infielders says Vinny)
- D. Fowler struck out looking (Sit.  And thank you for the generous call, Blue)
- C. Barmes struck out swinging (Sit. And The Weave does a little double-arm-fist-pump)

You know what?  Me and The Weave had the exact same reaction on that last swing and miss.  Exact same.

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