Things in sports that annoy me: ESPN News


The concept of ESPN News was pretty good: We’ll create a sports channel you can visit  any time to see all the day’s highlights.

Sounds pretty good to me. Except that ESPN News is lame.

You’d think a channel devoted to nothing but sports highlights would give you thorough coverage of sports, right?

You’d think.

First of all, the overhead at ESPN News must be pretty favorable. Because they basically air the same half-hour broadcast for 24 hours. So there’s not a lot of labor costs there.

But the thing is, this 24-hour sports news channel doesn’t even show that many highlights. By the time you get through interviews, crappy NASCAR highlights and yak, yak, yak commentary, you only get highlights from about six baseball games.  And you might just get to see the top play of each game.

If you have a channel dedicated to nothing but sports news, shouldn’t it include highlights from every  MLB, NBA, and NFL game? Seriously. Would it be hard to have the show last an hour instead of 30 minutes, which is really about 22 minutes after commercials?

Also, I HATE that canned guitar music they play during highlights. What — do they think my attention span is so short that I need crappy music with my (few) highlights?

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