Road Trip: BG and G Slim go to a Dodger Game

Yeah, I’m on record as saying I wasn’t going to a Dodger game this year until Manny came back but with the girlfriend out of town and G Slim and I with nothing better to do, Chavez Ravine was on the docket last night.  Thankfully there was minimal traffic and we got a prime spot on Academy Way with minimal fuss (why anyone pays $15 to park in that horrid parking lot is beyond me).  If you missed last night’s game it was sick–Moyer battled and kept the Dodgers in check until the bottom of the 9th when Lidge came in for one of his famous Patented Brad Lidge Meltdowns (trademark Brad Lidge LLC, all rights reserved) when the Dodgers scored 2 runs with 2 outs in the 9th sending everybody home happy with the exception of the 5 Phillies fans in our section but they seemed to be generally unhappy folks anyway so no harm done.

While all of that was fantastic and excellent and wonderful there were a few things in last night’s game that demand some extra attention and here they are in no particular order:

Top 8th, Phils up 3-2: Philadelphia
- R. Ibanez singled to right center (oh shoot)
- R. Troncoso relieved B. Leach (Troncoso is not as good as his numbers, imo)
- P. Feliz singled to right, R. Ibanez to second (shooooooot)
- E. Bruntlett sacrificed to third, R. Ibanez to third, P. Feliz to second (shoooooooot)
- G. Dobbs hit for C. Coste (duck for duck)
- G. Dobbs flied out to left (Shallow left.  Like it’s Juan Pierre in left and you can’t even tag up shallow)
- M. Stairs hit for J. Moyer (Matt Stairs, pinch hitter extraordinare–Jimmy Rollins on deck)
- J. Rollins flied out to left center (Wow.  Just wow.  Have you ever seen anything like that before?  2 years ago J Ro was the NL MVP.  Now he is a liability)

Top 7th: Philadelphia
- B. Leach relieved G. Mota (Mota, most effective outing since 2004)
- C. Utley lined out to center (great catch by Matt Kemp ranging to his right and tracking the ball down)
- J. Werth walked (Dodger killer)
- R. Howard flied out to deep center (check the video here for another grab from Kemp)
- J. Werth caught stealing, pitcher to first to shortstop (Sit)

And yeah, the bottom of the 9th was exciting.  Any time you’re high fiving random dudes in the stands you know you’ve had a good night.  Phillies’ reliever Chad Durban might have had the last laugh with this gem of a twitter tweet last night:

I can tell the US is in a recession because the Dodgers fans were throwing nickels at us instead of quarters in the bullpen tonight

ZING.  Well played, Sir.  Well played indeed.

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