Thuggish, Ruggish Nuggets up next for Lakers

“Guess you figure you know me ’cause I’m a thug; That loves to hit the late night club, drink then buzzed.”
Ć¢ā‚¬ā€œ Tupac Shakur, Only God can judge me

It's the Thuggish, Ruggish Denver Nuggets?

It's the Thuggish, Ruggish Denver Nuggets?

OK, now that the Lakers finally got past the Rockets, it’s time to look to the Western Conference Finals and the Thuggish Ruggish Nuggets.

Yeah, I said it, Thuggish, Ruggish: tongue in cheekish.
All that crap Mark Cuban pulled, calling Kenyan Martin a “punk” and a “thug” to his mother’s face Ć¢ā‚¬ā€œ on Mother’s Day nonetheless Ć¢ā‚¬ā€œ during the Mavs series was the stupidest thing I’ve heard.

At the same time, the Nuggets so dominated that series, there was nothing else worth talking about.

Now, I actually think Cuban is good for the game (it’s nice to see an owner who actually cares), but the dude is annoying as hell: and I’m guessing if you don’t live in Dallas, you feel the same way.

There are certain lines that public figures, let alone professional businessmen and owners of a multi-million dollar franchises, shouldn’t cross: and Cuban crossed it when he called K-Mart a punk and started instigating all the racial crap that stole headlines in that series.

Now it’s the Lakers turn to get a feel for the “thug” life: only they’re not dumb enough to start criticizing the Nuggets because of their tats, physical play and their attitude. In fact, part of me thinks the Lakers envy Denver’s rough exterior, because they’ve been branded as soft and gutless since last year’s Finals loss to the Celtics: and that characterization came back to haunt them during the Houston series.

Ugh. I miss the Sonics.

Ugh. I miss the Sonics.

At the same time, another part of me has a hard time saying the Nuggets are hardcore.

Maybe it’s because I still have visions of Dikembe Mutombo crying on the floor with a basketball in his hands after knocking the SuperSonics out of the first round forever ago.

Or maybe it’s because of their old logo:

But this definitely ain’t your grandfather’s Nuggets, and they’re going to give the Lakers fits Ć¢ā‚¬ā€œ which is a good thing, because if Kobe and Co. aren’t ready to go toe to toe with a team they handled during the regular season, they don’t have a chance against LeBron and the Cavs.

Another Stupic WCBias T-shirt

Another stupid WCBias T-shirt

“It’s going to be a physical series,” Kobe told ABC after Sunday’s win, when asked what the first thing he thinks about when looking ahead to Denver.

No matter what happens in this series, I think you have to give George Karl and the Nuggets props.

And in honor of those new-look Nuggets, WCBias has made another T-Shirt Ć¢ā‚¬ā€œ this one recognizing the Thuggish Ruggish Nuggets.

Get ‘em while they’re hot yo.

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2 Responses to Thuggish, Ruggish Nuggets up next for Lakers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lakers 4, Nuggets 0.

    Let’s just skip the formalities and head to Lakers-Cavs.

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