Free Manny Ramirez Shirts!

Free Manny Ramirez T-Shirts, for the hardcore Los Angeles Dodgers fan.

Free Manny Ramirez T-Shirts, for our hardcore Los Angeles Dodgers fans, courtesy

Get Your Free Manny Ramirez T-Shirts Today! OK, so they’re not exactly “free,” but we couldn’t get Billy Mays to pitch these things and had to do something to get your attention …

You either love him or hate him, even more so now that Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez has been suspended 50 games for testing positive for a banned substance in the eyes of Major League Baseball.

If you still love Mann-Ram like we do, and want to show your support for the Dodgers left fielder, is here for you with our No. 99 Free Manny T-Shirts. Get them while they’re hot today! Or, if it’s a hat you’re looking for, we have FREE MANNY HATS, too.

Support Manny, the Dodgers, and the free content on, by picking up a few for your friends. Heck, get a pair of those Free Manny G-Strings for your moms on Mother’s Day. Nothing says I love you Mom like Free Manny Panties.

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