Oh Manny, has the Circus come to town

Manny Ramirez has been suspended for 50 games. In the meantime, he'll be joining the circus.

Manny Ramirez has been suspended for 50 games. In the meantime, he'll be joining the circus.

Driving home from work today I noticed a yellow tent on the side of the road.

No joke, there’s some ghetto-ass circus that came to town a couple days ago.

And that circus reminded me of a post I wrote a few months back when Manny Ramirez came to La-La-Land, and how I said Manny was bringing a circus with him after all the drama that went down in Beantown.

While Manny is a stud (I won’t vote him on to the WCBias.com All-Stær(oid) Team with the first ballot) and has been a blessing for the most part during his time in Los Angeles, today’s news of his 50-game suspension – for use of a banned substance – showed just how much of baggage can fit in a Range Rover.

But are you really surprised another one of the game’s legendary sluggers was on the juice?

I’ve been saying this for years. If MLB and the other major sports continue to turn a blind eye to testing for HGH, athletes are going to use it. And why not? There are plenty of reports out there that suggest HGH isn’t all that bad for you — so guys take these things like Tic-Tacs.

And it obviously hasn’t hurt guys like Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds or Alex Rodgriguez’s pocketbooks. As long as there is millions of dollars on the table, athletes are going to abuse the system and take this stuff.

Especially if the leagues aren’t testing for it.

So the only way they’re going to get caught, is if something gets leaked, an unnamed source comes forward, or if someone gets fails a test for a drug that is testable and is related to the use of HGH or another performance enhancer that typically won’t be tested for (i.e. Manny getting hit for taking a female fertility drug that’s been known to help athletes testosterone levels following a ‘roids cycle). So Manny did the stuff in the offseason and got busted in spring training on his way back to real world.

And we all know this isn’t the last we’ve heard of performance enhancers.

This has become a traveling circus of its own. The circus came to New York a few weeks ago, starring A-Rod, and now it’s on its West Coast swing.
And are the NFL and NBA immune to this traveling road show. Not a chance.

It came to San Diego in 2006 when All-Pro linebacker Shawn Merriman was suspended for FOUR whopping games – and didn’t face nearly the criticism that Bonds has. And Bonds was never even suspended.

And you know it’s only a matter of time before somebody big gets nailed in the NBA.

It’s obvious guys are doing something to make themselves look Hulk-like, or Superman-like in the case of LeBron James or Dwight Howard.
Your body can’t humanly do the things some of these athletes are capable of doing: at their respective positions.

“But B$lim,” you say, “those guys have been huge since high school.”

So has A-Rod, and he’s reportedly been on the stuff since his prep days. So what makes you think LeBron and Co. haven’t messed around with HGH since an early age?

Guys can’t naturally do the things those guys do.

Shortstops shouldn’t hit 550+ home runs.

And centers shouldn’t be in dunk contests throwing down from the free-throw line.

I think John Smoltz summed it up best today when he said, “Sooner or later there will be enough wake-up calls.” That wake-up call would be the major leagues testing for HGH and all performance enhancers like the International Olympic Committee does with Olympic athletes.

But until the circus comes to town, we’ll just never know who the real freaks are and who just looks freakish thanks to the smoke and mirrors.

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One Response to Oh Manny, has the Circus come to town

  1. BG says:

    Everybody in the NFL is on some kind of PED, guarantee. It’s not possible to be 6’4″ 250 and run a 4.4 40. Not possible. It’s like when you see a skinny little girl with a huge rack, it’s like, yeah–those are fake. Just doesn’t work that way, sorry everybody.