Who's the better basketball player, Kobe the distributor or Kobe the finisher?

It’s easy to answer when you look at the way the Laker’s are rolling so far in the 2009 playoffs. There’s about 4 minutes left in the 2nd quarter of game 2 against Utah. Kobe’s got 3 points and 5 assists and the Lakers are ahead by 12. 

But if Kobe had numbers like that his whole career would he ever be considered the player that he is today, one of the best. Would his name be mentioned in the same breath as Jordan? Doubtful. I guess we’re lucky that he was a ball hog for most of his career.

I’ve also been accused by some WCBias faithful of late that I have traded sides by saying that I think LeBron is a great team personality and arguably the most rounded player in the league. Across the board LeBron is a stat leader in almost all categories for his team. He is arguable the MVP for this year. I mean how else are the Cavs going to come away with the best record. And I know Beau C believes his favorite player Mo Williams is the reason why the Cavs are so good…  but I’m pretty sure that it is LeBron that has lead them to the best record.

Now that I have defended my stance, I want to go further to say that Kobe is the best finisher in the game. If I needed a player to make the last play or someone to rally a team around a scoring binge there is only one answer. KOBE BRYANT. Whatever the reason the man is all business and he has the swagger that a winner needs. 

Most rounded player or best finisher. Who do you take?

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One Response to Who's the better basketball player, Kobe the distributor or Kobe the finisher?

  1. Pembertonian says:

    I think you’ve got to look at 1-on-1 matchups, and the answer is simple: Kobe.