Naming stadiums after greedy corporations sucks

That's right -- it's DODGER Stadium, named after the DODGERS.

That's right -- it's DODGER Stadium, named after the DODGERS.

Remember when the Denver Post refused to call Mile High Stadium by its new crappy corporate name?

That was so awesome.

“The community at large thinks of this as ‘Mile High,’ ‘new Mile High’ or ‘the new stadium,’” Post editor Glenn Guzzo said in 2001. “Outside of official circles, seldom do you hear Invesco Field, except in negative terms. In this case, the community’s terminology is familiar, positive and clear. We think our decision will be accepted widely.”

What a bold and courageous move. And, really — why not? Why should the Denver Post constantly give Invesco — whatever the hell that is — free advertising by mentioning its crappy name every time it writes about the Broncos? And, for that matter, why should fans — who don’t get any sort of discount from Invesco — call the stadium by anything other than Mile High?

I was pretty proud of the Post. In fact, I thought others should promptly follow suit. But then I learned that the Post had backed off. Now they call it Invesco at Mile High, which is a little like the Los Angeles Angels at Anaheim in Orange County But Also Representing The Rest California As Well Because It’s Good For Sales.

But, hey, at least the Angels play at ANGEL STADIUM. Not Pirates of the Carribbean Park.

Man, I hate corporate names for stadiums.

Take the Giants, for example. First of all, they’ve had, like, 20 names for their stadium. The latest is AT&T Park, which is just horrible. Almost as bad as U.S. Cellular Field.

Boy, that has a nice ring to it.

Then there’s the Astros home, Minute Maid Park. How tough does it sound to play in a stadium named after orange juice? Of course, that’s better than its previous name — Enron Stadium. Maybe they should have renamed the team the Energy Crooks. Or the KenLays. Or the, uh — well, you get the idea.

When I heard bum owner Sam Zell wanted to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field, I wanted to puke. Granted, the park is named after the gum guy. But still — it has flow.

Can you imagine Wrigley Field renamed after all this time? After some corporation?

WGN announcer Bob Brenly: And just remember, everyone, the first 10,000 people to attend Thursday’s game at AIG Stadium get a free bailout rally towel!

Can socialism really be that bad?

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One Response to Naming stadiums after greedy corporations sucks

  1. BSlim says:

    Dodger Stadium should be renamed EE Stadium! I’ll see if I can’t get my boss to sign off on that purchase. Might have to cut back on the free Starbucks for awhile though.