Should Crappy, Undeserving, (Did I Mention Hopeless?) Teams Be Allowed in the NCAA Tournament?

Nice freakin' logo. I got an idea, hire Ryantific to do your graphic work.

Nice freakin' logo. I got an idea, hire Ryantific to do your graphic work.

While I was thinking about how our country is spiraling toward a deep and dark depression*, a profound thought came to me:

What’s the deal with March Madness?

Now before I start with my criticism o the NCAA tournament, let me first say that I’m a Big Fan of the Big Dance. (Note the caps.)

It certainly beats the college football post-season format and its lame “championship game.” (As if you can judge the

two best teams based on their 6-game seasons.)

But the thing that irks me about the b-ball tournament is those crappy, undeserving teams that make it to the tourney.

Now, granted, I’m sure it’s a thrill for the 200 students at the University of Southeast Wisconsin-Racine** to see their 12-18 team get pounded by Duke. But it’s just not fair to all the much more worthy teams that had to sit at home and watch.

In most cases, any NIT team can probably wallop the lowest seeded teams in the Dance. In fact, a good number of junior college teams – and possibly some real good (girls) high school squads – could also give them a run for their money.

Still, while a good team like San Diego State probably won’t make the cut year, some lame Fairleigh Dickinson (Yes, that’s actually a school that made the tournament) will be there to give the top seed an easy victory. Of course, that makes it much more likely that the top seeds will meet up, which I guess is the intent.

It’s just that it seems to me that the tournament ought to feature the best and most deserving teams in college hoops. Not Coppin State because they got on a lucky roll in their crummy conference tournament.

* My employer just announced a third round of layoffs

** Yeah, I made it up

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