Back for Another Reign?

There’s been a Shawn Kemp sighting, courtesy SLAM magazine, which used to feature the Reign Man on a regular basis (stop filling out those TPS reports at work and watch his top 10 dunks now).
Kemp, the former All-Star forward from the former Seattle SuperSonics, is talking comebacks again and is considering taking his game to Italy.
I guess playing overseas is all the rage. LeBron James might consider it (yeah right ESPN, and I’m slated to run the point for the Cavs in ’09). Little Earl Boykins is playing in Italy, too, and Carlos Arroyo, Josh Childress and Brandon Jennings look like they’re headed overseas as well.
Apparently Kemp, 38, has cleaned up his act and is “slimmed down and in good shape. His hard partying days seem to be over.”
His son, Shawn Kemp Jr., is an incoming freshman at Washington, so if you can’t see Senior hoop it up in Italy, at least you can watch one of his dozen kids ball.

* * *

Trivia time: So how many kids does Kemp really have? According to Wikipedia, it’s only seven.: and on top of running the point for the Cavs, I’m also starting up a new franchise in Seattle if you believe that one.
At least Kemp is taking care of them all, however many there are:
“You’ll never hear any stories about me not taking care of my kids,” he said.

* * *

Speaking of Kemp, I’m wondering what to do with my old and new school Kemp jerseys, now that both the Reign Man and Sonics are history. Post your suggestions below. Craziest idea wins you a free trip to Oklahoma City.

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4 Responses to Back for Another Reign?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Send the jerseys to the Baby Makin’ Hall of Fame. Seven children, by six women. That’s tough to beat.

  2. Ryne Nelson says:

    Is there a correct answer when it comes to Shawn Kemp’s exact number of kids?

  3. Ryantific says:

    Easy. Convert them into dresses for your daughter.

  4. BG says:

    Travis Henry vs. Shawn Kemp. That is really the matchup we should all be talking about.