Going back to Boston

Initial thoughts from tonight’s Game 5 between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, which the Lakers won 103-98:

  • Who’s got Paul Pierce?
  • KG, not Kobe, got to play ticky-tack-toe with refs in L.A.
  • Bryant scored 15 points in the first. Ten the rest of the way. And Mark Jackson is calling him the “Greatest player in the world?” He hasn’t even been the best player in this series.
  • Can Pau Gasol score from outside 3 feet?
  • The coolest guy in the arena was actually two seats down from Jack Nicholson – Kelly Slater.
  • Sam Cassell scores! Cassell scores again, and again.
  • Where’s Rondo?
  • Get a rebound Gasol.
  • Found you Lamar. Time to play Hide and Seek in Boston again.
  • Did Cassell, 38, really throw Sasha Vujacic to the floor on a loose ball and then win the jump ball?
  • D. Fish is gonna go fishin’ here in a minute. Hopefully he has better luck on the boat than in this series (3 for 10 tonight and 11 for 33 for the series).
  • Good to see a couple federal inquiries about betting on games hasn’t stopped Dick Bavetta from officiating the Finals.
  • The Cs coulda wrapped it up tonight if they could make a putback.
  • “Mama, here comes that man.” Mark Jackson is brutal. No wonder he didn’t get the Knicks job. The New York brass must’ve thought Mama Jackson would be his top assistant.
  • Kobe finally got a dunk (nice reach-in, I mean steal). Bryant didn’t come close to the ball on that last steal. Not surprising, it sealed the game.
  • First team to 100 won. Someone reached 100 in this series?
  • Michelle Tafoya: “Is this the kind of performance that can get you a win on the road?” Kobe Bryant: “Probably not.”
  • Memo to the Boston Chamber of Commerce: schedule the parade for Wednesday morning.
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One Response to Going back to Boston

  1. BG says:

    I noticed Slater there as well, nice work Ed.