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Black Friday Deals for Sports Fans

Yankees Garden Gnome - Black Friday Deals for Sports Fans

Would you love, or hate a Yankees garden gnome?

So this is a sports blog and all, but I know the bloggers and sports fans who visit BallHyped.com also geek out on tech gadgets and Black Friday deals this time of year.

I know I’m already filling out my gift list of gadgets as we speak, preparing for the holiday season, so I thought I’d share with you my favorite Black Friday deals for sports fans:

Best Buy

Best Buy has a handful of great tablet deals for sports fans who want to stream live events, ESPN SportsCenter, etc., while on the go.

Some of the best all-around deals include a Best Buy exclusive on the Asus Transformer 10.1-inch tablet for $249.99 and the Dell Streak 7″ Tablet for just $149.99.

Best Buy also has blowout deals on movies, video games, digital cameras and camcorder and iPods and MP3 players, so you can watch, listen and record all of your favorite sports moments (and then Hype them up on your blog!)

NFL Shop

NFL fans can get 10% off plus free shipping at NFLShop.com through today. So hurry up and get that Tebow jersey today!

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has some great deals on sports books as you would expect. For Black Friday, they’re also offering 50% off their Top 50 bestselling books.

They’re also offering 50% off electronics and 50% off DVDs and CDs.


Amazon has some of the most random gifts that I love, and will be getting for some of my sports buddies.

As for the more traditional items, such as books, check out the new book, 100 Yards of Glory: The Greatest Moments in NFL History. This great, beautifully illustrated look back at the greatest moments in professional football history was written by Joe Garner and Bob Costas with a forward by Joe Montana. We picked up a few copies of this book and will be giving them out to BallHyped members for contests and awards over the next couple months.

Amazon also has countless Black Friday dealsa s you would expect, including the Go Pong 8-Foot portable folding beer pong table and the new Kindle Fire ($199) — which shouldn’t be used in combination by the way.

If you did want a tech gadget to go with your Go Pong beer pong table, there’s always the Intova CP9 compact waterproof digital camera, which is a great gift for the beer pongers, boaters, fishermen and surfers in your crew.

As for those random gifts for the sports nuts on your holiday list, nothing says die-hard like an NFL-team specific Mr. Potato Head, NFL teamand NCAA team pillow pets, and, of course, NFL team
and MLB team garden gnomes.

What are the best Black Friday deals you’ve been eying this year? Share yours in the comments section below:


MLB on the Blogosphere: The Internet reacts to St. Louis Cardinals’ World Series title

Now that the World Series is over and your heart has stopped palpitating from the excitement, you can read some of the more interesting stories on the Internet. We know you don’t subscribe to a newspaper anymore, so don’t play, homeboy.

Every so often, myself and the BallHyped crew gather some of the best and most hyped blog posts on the ‘Net concerning whatever we want it to concern. All blog posts are picked from Hyped posts on BallHyped.com. Submit yours, ASAP!

The topic that the Internet wants to discuss? The hangover from an incredible World Series that saw the St. Louis Cardinals — 10-and-a-half games out of the playoff chase in late August — rally from a 3-2 deficit to beat the Texas Rangers in game 7. Here are your blog posts from around the web.

Let’s start the “Where will Albert Pujols play next year?” questions, yeah? via Sports Glory. Sports Glory takes a look at Pujols’ contract situation with the Cardinals and other factors that’ll lead to Albert’s departure.

A look at how unlikely a Cardinals’ win was via HardBallChat.com

Yo Rangers’ fans: This guy feels your pain via JDaddy and CDog Talking Sports. 

Did you bet $250 on the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series? You probably won $250,000. via The Show Speak.

It’s too hard not to feel good for the Cardinals via home-grown talent, David Allison at BallHyped Blogs.

Oldies, but goodies

Six stats you probably didn’t know about Game 7′s in World Series via Sports Stats on Tapp. Here are some interesting facts you seriously probably didn’t know about the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals game 7 matchup.

Texas Rangers’ Nelson Cruz breaks a playoff record via Rant Sports. Nelson Cruz breaks a home run record in this year’s postseason.



2011 St. Louis Cardinals are an Amazing Story

Tony La Russa

It’s confession time. I’m a life-long Chicago Cubs fan. I grew up loving Andre Dawson, Ryne Sandberg, Shawon Dunston and Jerome Walton (that quintessential flash-in-the-pan Rookie of the Year from 1989). My hometown (Terre Haute, Indiana) was almost exactly equidistant from Cincinnati, St. Louis and Chicago.

In those days both the Reds and the Cardinals had good teams. The Cards went to the World Series in 1987. In 1990, the surprising Reds won the World Series behind the pitching of the Nasty Boys and the bats of Chris Sabo, Barry Larkin and Eric Davis.  As a Cubs fan, I was surrounded by friends who liked the better Midwest teams. My love for the often awful Cubs (with the exception of that magical 1989 season, when everything came together for the Cubs to win their division) was the source of scorn from Cardinals and Reds fans.

I’d like to say that I’m a better person now and have gotten over those scars from childhood. However, I do harbor a grudge against the Cardinals and the Reds.

Despite this prejudice, I have to admire what the Cardinals have done this season. Clawing back from 10 and half games out of the playoff chase on August 25 is simply amazing. Recovering from a 2 games to 1 deficit to the Phillies in the first round of the playoffs is superb. Coming back from one strike away from losing the World Series in Game 6 twice is not only ridiculous, it’s also incredible. Following that emotional win to stay alive with a victory to close out the Texas Rangers caps off the perfect story for the Cardinals.

This Cardinals team will become legendary. Their Game 6 win was fantastic, but the overall narrative of their season is even more impressive. The ultimate underdogs winning the championship is a story for the ages. I love the Cubs, but I have to love these Cardinals too.


World Series Live Blog: Game 1, Texas Rangers vs. St. Louis Cardinals

BallHyped Blogs hosted a live blog for Game 1 of the World Series between the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals. Along with game coverage, banter and comedic relief, the blog featured previews, predictions and Q&As with some of BallHyped.com’s best baseball bloggers.

BallHyped Live Blog – World Series Game 1


The World Series is much better without the Yankees and the Phillies

It’s always a great feeling when the bullies get a comeuppance.

It was thoroughly satisfying to watch the scrappy Tigers led by their always impressive manager Jim Leyland bounce the deep pocketed and unlikable New York Yankees.

The Philadelphia Phillies have a killer rotation and good bats throughout their lineup. As such, they have been the prohibitive favorite to reach the Series for the past couple years. Despite a few rough outings by St. Louis starters, the Cardinals were able to oust the tough guys of the National League.

Whenever unexpected teams make it to the World Series, it is so exciting to discover previously unknown players and get to know the lineups of a different team.

The 2003 Florida Marlins, the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays and the 2010 San Francisco Giants were exciting to watch because their rosters weren’t highly touted and they were excellent team-oriented clubs.

While we saw the Texas Rangers last year in the Series, they are still not a well-known crew to the majority of casual fans. Albert Pujols is a superstar and Chris Carpenter and Matt Holliday are household names, but beyond those guys, many of the Cardinals core players (like Rafael Furcal, Yadier Molina and the ageless Lance Berkman) remain to be discovered this October.

Let’s buckle up for what should be an exciting Series. Give me the “team of destiny” Cardinals in six games. The Rangers have a thoroughly intimidating lineup, but I like the swagger that the Cardinals have developed since their amazing run to the playoffs last month.


Pembertonian Prediction: Look for Pujols to Pummel

As they say, the post-season is all about momentum. But in this case, we have two teams with lots of it.

The Cards, who didn’t even figure to make the post-season, soared at the end of the regular season and have been on a roll ever since. Meanwhile, Ranger Nelson Cruz is trying to claim Reggie Jackson’s Mr. October title.

Six homeruns in the ALCS – are you friggin’ kidding me?

If you’re a statistical nerd, then everything favors Texas. First of all, every team that has played in the World Series back-to-back and lost the first time wound up winning on the return trip. And the Rangers, who have pitching to match the normally hard-hurling Cards, can simply smack the holy bejeepers out of the ball.

During the regular season, the T-Rangers had five guys with 25 or more homeruns.

But I like St. Louis for one reason: Albert Pujols. The guy is a monster in red. In fact, if I were a pitcher facing Pujols, I’d immediately cover my head after every pitch.

Might even wear a Kevlar vest.

Pujols supposedly had an off year and still hit 37 bombers and drove in 99. But even scarier: He’s heating up.

There’s no better clutch hitter in baseball. So while I expect Cruz to cool, look for Pujols to pummel.

And the Cards will handcuff the Rangers, 4-2.

- Pembertonian, BallHyped



BallHyped World Series Predictions: Share Your Picks

If ESPN could go 0-for-90 on its predictions for the World Series participants, we figured we BallHyped bloggers couldn’t do any worse their Series picks now that we know who all is involved.

The World Series kicks off Wednesday between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers, and here’s who will win and why, according to the most Hyped.

Who do you have winning? Share your picks in the comments below.

World Series Predictions
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Texas Rangers

Brian Greenaway,
BallHyped Blogs/WCBias
Champion: Rangers
Number of Games: 6
Why that team wins: The Cards get Ws in both games started by Chris Carpinter but The Rangers bats are too much for Saint Louis to handle.
What to watch for: Rangers team defense (+27, 6th best) substantially better than Cards team D (-30, 4th worst) and wont gift the Cards as many runs as Milwakuee’s fielders did. Both bullpens are dynamite, both offenses are awesome but Carp is the only swing-and-miss guy in the series (not convinced CJ Wilson is right right now) and in a high run scoring environment I’ll take the team that plays better D (and also runs the bases the best).

Josh Caudill
BallHyped Blogs/JC College Sports Daily
Champion: Cardinals rode the momentum of overcoming a 10 ½ game deficit in September all the way to the World Series, but the Rangers have more weapons and win the World Championship.
Games: 7 games(These teams are pretty evenly matched so I say let’s hope it goes the distance)
Why the Rangers win: The pitching is pretty even but if you look at the lineups, there is just too much firepower for the Rangers. Nelson Cruz won’t hit 6 homers to win these games as Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler and company will break out of their mini-slumps.
What to watch for: Nelson Cruz will be pitched very carefully so I don’t expect him to be a big factor, but Josh Hamilton is due as he hasn’t homered in the postseason so I foresee him busting out with a huge World Series and earning MVP honors…he is just too good not to break out!

David Allison
BallHyped Blogs
Champion: St. Louis Cardinals
Number of Games: 6
Why the Cards will win: The Cardinals are the team of destiny. They battled back all through September to make the playoffs and they showed that they have the grit to put away a good team in their series against the Brewers. The Cardinals have the best hitter in the game and a solid rotation.
What to watch for: Tony LaRussa as the x-factor. He has been here before and had success. His substitutions and in-game decision-making are rock solid and he’ll make the key moves that will give the Cardinals the edge.

Carlos Sandoval
BallHyped Blogs
Champion: Rangers
Number of Games: 6
Why?: The Rangers were in the Series before, right? Plus, my favorite color is blue.
What to watch for: The Cardinals apparently have home-field advantage, and I have no idea what that means. But just for baseball fans, I’ll be crossing my fingers for a competitive World Series, which hasn’t happened (apparently) since 2002.

Who do you think will win the Series? Share your picks in the comments below.



ESPN’s Baseball “Experts” Go 0-For-90 on World Series Picks

It’s a tired cliché that gets uttered nearly every time a team wins a league title or advances to a big postseason game:

“Nobody believed in this team except for ourselves.”

But in the case of the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals, that line couldn’t have been more accurate thanks to the so-called baseball “experts” at ESPN.

Despite clinching their second-straight appearance in the World Series on Saturday night, a look back showed that not a single one of ESPN’s 45 so-called baseball experts predicted the Rangers would be making a repeat appearance in the Fall Classic this season.

And if you include the Cardinals, ESPN’s “experts” went 0-for-90 in their World Series team selections.

Yikes. Whatever happened to being [warning, here comes another tired cliché] the team to beat until they’re knocked off?

“Not too many people believed in us,” Elvis Andrus told Fox after the game, “… but we showed the rest of the world that we’re here for a reason.”


Yes they are. Because they played the best team baseball down the stretch, which is something the heavily favored Red Sox failed at miserably. A Red Sox team that nearly all of baseball experts picked to reach the series, beating the Philadelphia Phillies in most cases.

On the National League side, only one (Jonah Keri, who ESPN claims but barely writes for them) picked a team that made it to the division championship series, and he took the Brewers. Who’d he have winning it all? The Red Sox, of course.

When the Cardinals closed out the Brewers on Sunday, it ensured not a single ESPN “expert” picked a team in the World Series.

So remember that next time you’re listening to ESPN before placing your next bet on who will win it all.

A look back at ESPN’s small-market-weatherman-like forecast of the 2011 season:

  • Marty Bernoski, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Aaron Boone, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Steve Berthiaume, Red Sox over Braves
  • Dave Cameron, Red Sox over Braves
  • Jim Caple, White Sox over Phillies
  • Jason Churchill, Red Sox over Braves
  • Tristan Cockcroft, Phillies over Yankees
  • Jerry Crasnick, Braves over Red Sox
  • Richard Durrett, Phillies over Red Sox
  • Gordon Edes, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Doug Glanville, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Jason Grey, Red Sox over Giants
  • Steve Goldman, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Pedro Gomez,Red Sox over Braves
  • Orel Hershiser, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Tony Jackson, Red Sox over Giants
  • Eric Karabell, Phillies over Rays
  • Jonah Keri, Red Sox over Brewers
  • John Kruk, Red Sox over Braves
  • David Kull, Rockies over Red Sox
  • Tim Kurkjian, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Keith Law, Red Sox over Braves
  • Andrew Marchand, Phillies over Red Sox
  • Joe McDonald, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Matt Meyers, Red Sox over Braves
  • Mark Mulder, Phillies over Red Sox
  • Amy K. Nelson, Braves over Red Sox
  • Dave O’Brien, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Buster Olney, Giants over Red Sox
  • Doug Padilla, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Nick Pietruszkiewicz, Phillies over Red Sox
  • Karl Ravech, Red Sox over Braves
  • Nate Ravitz, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Mark Saxon, Red Sox over Phillies
  • David Schoenfield, Red Sox over Braves
  • Jon Sciambi, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Dan Shulman, Red Sox over Braves
  • Mark Simon, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Jayson Stark, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Rick Sutcliffe, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Matt Szefc, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Peter Pascarelli, Red Sox over Giants
  • Bobby Valentine, Phillies over Red Sox
  • Dave Winfield, Red Sox over Phillies
  • Gene Wojciechowski, Red Sox over Phillies

And a sneak peek at ESPN’s small-market-weatherman-like forecast of the 2012 season: Phillies beat the Yankees (or Red Sox, if they hire any management with half a brain) in the World Series. Forget about the teams in this year’s Series, they’re not going to be any good next year.


MLB, Hyped on the Blogosphere: The Boston Red Sox mess and David Wright “rumors”

BallHyped is committed to hyping some of the best independent sports bloggers on the ‘Net. Hype any sports blog post by visiting BallHyped.com, check out some of our blogger resources to help you get started on your blog and see who’s mentioning BallHyped

Boston Red Sox Popeye's

Every so often, the BallHyped crew picks some stories from the submitted blog posts at BallHyped.com. We’ll pick our favorites — and most hyped — and post them here at BallHyped blogs for you to check out. (Note: Don’t forget to vote on your favorite blog posts at BallHyped!)

The Boston Red Sox are a huge pile of mess right now, via The Wicked Good Sports Blog. There’s endless amounts of drama happening in Boston right now, none of it leading to anything worth smiling about. If you won’t read for the post, at least visit for the hilarious images like the one above.

David Wright won’t be suiting up for the Arizona Diamondbacks, via Rant Sports. There are far too many reasons to list why Wright won’t be in Arizona. Cash is one of them.

David Ortiz doesn’t want drama, so he shows his love for the New York Yankees, via Masshole Sports. We all know the Red Sox are a mess, so it only makes sense that Ortiz says something horrifyingly stupid.

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