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JC’s College Sports Daily is a page that’s a glimpse into the way I see the college sports world. I have too many opinions to just keep locked up inside so I needed an avenue to express them. 

My points-of-view are not always perfect but they are based in fact and can be backed up not only with stats but with what Isee with my own 2 eyes.  My two passions are College football and College basketball.  I root for the underdog but I love having a dominant team. It makes everything more fun.  I live in Tar Heel country and have loved my Heels since I first remember watching Kenny Smith lace em up.  On a sidebar, Butch Davis had them on the cusp of a football power so I truly hope they stay the course(if you don’t keep Everitt Withers, then how bout trying to lure Tommy Tuberville or Mark Richt to Chapel Hill).

I love “The U”!  The swagger was real and what people never realize is that they were bad boys but they played the game the right way and did all the little things that make you successful.  Swagger is always good….if you can back it up!

This page is for everyone. I am going to lay out everything I think from around the College Sports World. I will cover some baseball when the season hits as well and maybe sprinkle in some soccer. If you want something covered that I haven’t gotten to then just hit me up and let me know. 

I am into the controversial and have plenty to say about runners and agents and benefits to players. I have views on the drafts and the BCS.  Everything’s fair game so let’s get to it!

Follow me on twitter @Coach_JC9 and my personal web page at www.joshuacaudill.webs.com.  There will also be a facebook page in the works as well but isn’t constructed yet.  Enjoy and have fun.



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