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Contender/Pretender week has come and gone and its just a little more clear as to who the real contenders are.  The big games of the day turned into laughers(not a shocking development to me) as Alabama exposed Florida for a fraud and Wisconsin stymied Nebraska. 

On a sidenote…There may be a change atop the Top 5 rankings as Alabama looks really, really good and Wisconsin made Nebraska look like a JV team.  Inside track to the National Title game goes to—Wisconsin.

In my opinion those were predictable results, so I want to focus on the other big games of the day…

Clemson/VT-  Now, how about a little respect for the ACC and the Clemson Tigers.  They have taken down 3 ranked teams in a row and looked more impressive each week.  To walk into Blacksburg and dismantle the Hokies deserves some major recognition.  It would be one thing if they squeaked out a win but to win 23-3 is a statement.  Clemson is a team to be reckoned with.  They are clearly a Contender and as I previously have said could be this year’s Auburn!

Baylor/K State- This is the game that was the biggest shock to me.  What Bill Snyder is doing with less talent is pretty incredible.  I didn’t think they could handle the speed of Baylor but I was wrong. Collin Klein is doing his best Cam Newton impersonation as he is the complete offense for K State.  I don’t know how good this team is as its definitely not the team of the Michael Bishop era but Bill Snyder has them 4-0 and that is something that deserves respect.   Baylor is clearly a Pretender and can start preparing for their mid December bowl game.

Arkansas/Texas A&M-  Wow, This A&M team is like none I can remember.  They have dominated top 15 teams in the first half the last two weeks and completely fallen apart in the 2nd half.  There is no excuse for giving up 500 yards passing and being outscored by 22 points in the 2nd half.  3 points in the 2nd half against a bad Razorbacks defense is ridiculous.  Is it a conditioning issue or as I see it, its a coaching issue as Mike Sherman doesn’t seem to make any in game adjustments to turn the tide.  Too much talent for those kinds of lapses.  Give credit to Arkansas for hanging in there but A&M could be in for a tailspin.

Great weekend of football even if the big games turned into woodshed beatings. 

I’m going to leave you with my debut of the JC Sports Player of the Week.  It doesn’t go to the player with the best stats but to the player whose performance was most instrumental in their team’s victory.

This week’s recipient is Kansas State’s Collin Klein.  356 total yards and Klein accounted for 259 yards and 3 touchdowns.  He is not as physically gifted as Cam Newton but he means just as much to his team.  He has them 4-0 and it can’t be disputed that they are still in the mix.  Congrats Collin and Good luck against Missouri….you’re certificate is on the way.


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