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Can Tim Tebow lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs (and beyond) as an awful QB?

Carlos Sandoval blogs about football and basketball for BallHyped Blogs. He asks you to join him in his quest to chew bubble gum and kick ass by signing up to contribute to BallHyped Blogs. Also, follow him on Twitter. The title of this blog post is a little harsh and should be reconsidered despite the fact [...]


NFL Week 11 Preview: Grading how awesome each game will be

Carlos Sandoval is a blogger and some other title at BallHyped Blogs. Do everyone a favor and follow him on Twitter.  The NFL season is slowly, painfully coming to an end. We’re six weeks from the finish line, and that’s depressing. However, there are still 110 NFL games to be played from here ’til the [...]


Broncos Going With Option Offense

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders

The Denver Broncos tried using the option offense in favor of new starting quarterback Tim Tebow two weeks against the Detroit Lions. It didn’t help at all, as the team fell to 2-5 under the option-style, getting destroyed in a 45-10 loss. However, they tried it again versus Oakland last Sunday, and it worked like [...]


Tim Tebow totally approves of Tebowing

In case you didn’t know, Tim Tebow is the subject of an Internet meme. It was going to happen sooner or later and, personally, I’m glad it happened the way it did. The Internet presents to you Tebowing, via Tebowing.com. If you pay attention to the World Wide Web, you’ve heard of this by now. [...]

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