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NFL Week 11 Preview: Grading how awesome each game will be

Carlos Sandoval is a blogger and some other title at BallHyped Blogs. Do everyone a favor and follow him on Twitter.  The NFL season is slowly, painfully coming to an end. We’re six weeks from the finish line, and that’s depressing. However, there are still 110 NFL games to be played from here ’til the [...]


Participate in the BallHyped Live Super Bowl Blog (Running Now!)

BallHyped.com is currently hosting a live Super Bowl blog. The live blog is open to the community, showcasing the top bloggers from BallHyped.com … not to mention giveaways!


Super Bowl Injury Report – Steelers, Packers Injuries

Super Bowl Injury Report We all know Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey will miss Sunday’s Super Bowl against the Green Bay Packers with a high-ankle sprain. In fact, anyone who knows football knows this has been the case for two weeks now without even looking at the Super Bowl injury report. But a lack of [...]


Super Bowl History By the Numbers

For the NFL fanatics who can’t get enough Super Bowl statistics, here’s a look back at some of the key numbers from the past 44 Super Bowls. And if you’re counting at home, the NFC leads the AFC 24-20.


Super Bowl XLV TV Schedule, Player Shares, Game Info.

Super Bowl XLV will be carried nationally by FOX on more than 200 TV stations in the U.S. Here’s what the coverage and other details looks like.

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