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The Indianapolis Colts need to clean house…yes, even Manning needs to go

Get out your brooms in Indianapolis; it’s time to clean house. The Colts’ decaying season is rapidly becoming farcical. Perhaps their best chance to steal a game this season came (and went) this past Sunday against the offensively-inept Jacksonville Jaguars. Instead of buckling up and pushing the Jags, they squandered a decent defensive performance and floundered on [...]


Peyton Manning, like “a lot of other people,” doesn’t watch Phil Simms’ show

Peyton Manning’s currently (and slowly, might we add) recovering from neck surgery. Multiple neck surgeries (Manning has had two) are pretty debilitating especially when you’re an NFL quarterback behind a shoddy offensive line. Well, with that injury, Manning’s career is in doubt. Dude’s already 36, and fans are already pining over Stanford QB Andrew Luck. [...]

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