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Pac12.com goes from Gangsta Rap to Tea Party Pranksta Rant

So I’m heading to Los Angeles for a blogging conference next weekend, and figured I’d log on to the Pac-12 website to see if there weren’t any football games I could ditch the afternoon presentations for on Saturday.

Like many Pac-12 fans, I typed Pac12.com into my browser and was sickened to find the website had been converted into a Tea Party fan page, with dozens of links to content supporting TeaParty.org, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin. You heard right, they went from Pac to Sarah freakin’ Palin.

At first I was shocked, then I recalled a story we broke in February about the Pac-12 Conference (previously the Pac-10) and the www.Pac12.com domain owner, Utah’s Austin Linford, (we didn’t name the owner previously, but after he sold out to the tea party, who cares now!) butting heads over the domain.


Pac 12 battles 2pac fan over Pac12.com Domain

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is by Brian Milne, Founder of the BallHyped Sports News Service and Sports Blog Voting Community. We love this story because it’s as geeky as it is gangsta. Since adding two more teams to its conference, the Pac-10 Conference (or is it the Pac 12 now?) has filed a domain name dispute with [...]

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