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Let’s all be thankful that the Detroit Lions are actually good

The Detroit Lions haven’t won a Thanksgiving Day game since 2003. Their streak of futility began in 2004, when they were pummeled by the Indianapolis Colts, 41-9. The Lions have played a home game on Thanksgiving since 1934. They’ve had some good years in there, but for the majority of that time, they have ranged [...]


NFL Week 11 Preview: Grading how awesome each game will be

Carlos Sandoval is a blogger and some other title at BallHyped Blogs. Do everyone a favor and follow him on Twitter.  The NFL season is slowly, painfully coming to an end. We’re six weeks from the finish line, and that’s depressing. However, there are still 110 NFL games to be played from here ’til the [...]


Broncos Going With Option Offense

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders

The Denver Broncos tried using the option offense in favor of new starting quarterback Tim Tebow two weeks against the Detroit Lions. It didn’t help at all, as the team fell to 2-5 under the option-style, getting destroyed in a 45-10 loss. However, they tried it again versus Oakland last Sunday, and it worked like [...]


A short NBA season might be good. Here’s why

The NBA season is in danger. With some speculating the season might be canceled indefinitely, NBA nuts across the country (including myself) are getting pretty upset at the entire lockout ordeal. But what if the season is shortened to 50 games or so? What if the season started in January and ended in April? That’s [...]


LaDainian Tomlinson will retire as a San Diego Charger

LaDainian Tomlinson is loved in San Diego. Fans still can’t stop talking about the guy, and he’s pretty much the consensus “best San Diego Charger ever.” Of course, we kind of figured the feeling was mutual, considering L.T. cried his eyes out when he was told he wouldn’t be brought back after the Bolts lost [...]


Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta’s Dirty Birds Forgot How to Win

  We believed in Atlanta’s dirty birds last season. The Falcons were the ideal storyline with the cool-nicknamed QB, Matty Ice, the veteran TE who would not be denied, Tony Gonzalez and the workhorse RB who could not (even if you understood that Atlanta is a running team) and would not be stopped. Even after [...]


Vick’s O-Line: Tales Of the Misguided Philadelphia Eagles

If this were an alternative world, people would be defending Michael Vick as if he were Tim Tebow. While not making this into a black-white aimed controversy, it is amazing that people are looking down upon Michael Vick’s way of play and praising someone who has yet to be proven in the NFL for his [...]


Memo to NFL Owners: Pick this Scab! This Blogger Declares Himself Eligible for 2011 Season

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is by Brian Milne, Founder of the BallHyped Sports News Service and Sports Blog Voting Community. That’s it. I’m over it. Over the day job, and making money for The Man. Over moonlighting as a blogger, making a nickel a day on Google Adsense. Over living in my mom’s basement, and this diet [...]


Q&A with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Super Bowl XLV, Labor Talks

Editor’s Note: BallHyped.com presents a Q&A with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, stemming from the Super Bowl XLV News Conference in Dallas on Feb. 4 — in what could be one of the most important question-and-answer sessions of the commissioner’s career considering a possible work stoppage is on the horizon. Here are his unedited words on [...]


Favre Allowed to Play in Season Finale; Fined $50,000 for Failing to Cooperate in Sterger Investigation

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was fined $50,000 by the NFL for failing to cooperate with an investigation into inappropriate text messages and photos he allegedly sent to former Jets employee and former Florida State cowgirl Jenn Sterger. Because the league and commissioner Roger Goodell “could not conclude” that Favre violated the league’s personal conduct [...]

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