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The NBA is back. Happy holidays, fans

The NBA. Coming soon, December 25. A deal has been reached and 66 games have been saved. NBA bloggers (including yours truly) can return to blogging about how J.R. Smith is a lazy fool and if Andrew Bynum can be a superstar. No longer do we have to mention the word “lockout” in a blog post [...]


Will We See a 72-Game NBA Season or No Season At All?

The owners made their last good offer to the players, giving them a 50-50 deal and a 72-game season starting mid-December. However, will the players take the deal, or not? ESPN.com said that the players will unlikely accept the deal that was proposed. When David Stern talked about the deal, Derek Fisher said that the [...]


A short NBA season might be good. Here’s why

The NBA season is in danger. With some speculating the season might be canceled indefinitely, NBA nuts across the country (including myself) are getting pretty upset at the entire lockout ordeal. But what if the season is shortened to 50 games or so? What if the season started in January and ended in April? That’s [...]


Cancelled NBA Games hold importance and may lead to Cancelled 2011 NBA Season

  Don’t look at me like that. It is a viable option. Both the NBA and the NBPA are unwilling to budge in their position and it appears as if this type of monumental fan punishment is what the league was aiming for all along. Fans assumed that the NBA would behave like the NFL, [...]

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