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MLB on the Blogosphere: The Internet reacts to St. Louis Cardinals’ World Series title

Now that the World Series is over and your heart has stopped palpitating from the excitement, you can read some of the more interesting stories on the Internet. We know you don’t subscribe to a newspaper anymore, so don’t play, homeboy. Every so often, myself and the BallHyped crew gather some of the best and [...]


MLB, Hyped on the Blogosphere: The Boston Red Sox mess and David Wright “rumors”

BallHyped is committed to hyping some of the best independent sports bloggers on the ‘Net. Hype any sports blog post by visiting BallHyped.com, check out some of our blogger resources to help you get started on your blog and see who’s mentioning BallHyped.  Every so often, the BallHyped crew picks some stories from the submitted [...]


The Pirates are ruining my plans to be cool

Way to go, Pirates — you blew my plans to look cool.


You see, I had this idea. I was going to get one of those old school, retro, vintage baseball hats, right? But I also wanted to be unique about it. Because, like, that’s where the cool part comes in. If you’re one of, say, a million guys wearing a Yankees hat, that doesn’t show coolness. There’s no rebel streak there.

But if you’ve got your own thing going on, well, then you’ve got it going on, you hear what I’m saying?


Top 25 Highest Paid Players in MLB … and Who’s Not Worth it

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda was the 25th highest-paid pitcher in baseball last season.


That puts him two and three spots below Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter, respectively. The latter are two of the best pitchers and from the looks of it severely underpaid if Kuroda is in the same neighborhood as them.

Simply put, Hiroki Kuroda, you’re good, but you’re not THAT good. You’re not $15 million good.

But I don’t think you’re the only over-paid player on this top-25 list.


BallHyped MLB Salary Report: Big Money Lands Players, Not World Series in 2010

Editor’s note: BallHyped plans on running salary figures and commentary after the end of each season because, let’s be honest, it’s rather fascinating to see the Yankees spend $100.4 million between four players and fail to make it to the World Series. By Erick D. Smith The New York Yankees spent close to $100.4 million [...]

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