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Kobe Bryant is on his way to becoming the Brett Favre of the NBA

Superstars in any sport aren’t without faults. In fact, all superstars in any sport suffer from incredible bouts of narcissism or, at the very least, insane stubbornness. Save for a very rare few, the superstars who can’t come to grips with their declining talent after years of physical dominance in their arena are the ones [...]


Here’s what probably went down when Kevin Garnett, Paul Piece and Kobe Bryant rejected a 50/50 split

As you have heard by now, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant went all by their lonesomes this past Tuesday to confront NBA commish David Stern to tell him that a 50/50 split of the pot wasn’t good enough. Apparently, things got out of hand with one unnamed player (though it’s heavily implied that [...]

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