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Blogosphere on the NFL: Andrew Luck campaign and the rise of Victor Cruz

BallHyped loves the NFL blogosphere. It’s one of the facts of life, along with Jamie Foxx’s real name being Eric. These are things you should recite in your sleep by now, and if not, you’re decades behind. At BallHyped.com, users submit their favorite blog posts, normally their own, but can recommend others’ as well. And [...]


Will Cam Newton break Dan Marino’s passing yards record?

With offenses being nearly uncontrollable in the NFL this season, it’s hard to imagine that someone (multiple someones, even) won’t break Dan Marino’s single-season record for most passing yards with 5084 yards in 1984. (Dan Marino is even starting to sound pretty worried, these days.) Of course, the question right now is not so much [...]

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