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NFL Week 11 Preview: Grading how awesome each game will be

Carlos Sandoval is a blogger and some other title at BallHyped Blogs. Do everyone a favor and follow him on Twitter.  The NFL season is slowly, painfully coming to an end. We’re six weeks from the finish line, and that’s depressing. However, there are still 110 NFL games to be played from here ’til the [...]


A review of every NFL Week 9 game

BallHyped Blogs is a community of sports fans and aspiring sports bloggers/writers that provides some of the best sports content on the web. So what’re you waiting for? Sign up to start blogging at BallHyped! Although the ninth week of the 2011 NFL season saw a ton of crappy morning games (which is why I [...]


Dallas Cowboys’ Rob Ryan doesn’t back up talk, but he shouldn’t stop talking smack

All content at BallHyped blogs is produced by a strong community of sports fans and aspiring sports bloggers and writers. Get Hyped — sign up to contribute now! In case you didn’t know, the Dallas Cowboys lost horribly to the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night. Not only did the Dallas Cowboys’ offense never pick up any [...]

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