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Participate in the BallHyped Live Super Bowl Blog (Running Now!)

BallHyped.com is currently hosting a live Super Bowl blog. The live blog is open to the community, showcasing the top bloggers from BallHyped.com … not to mention giveaways!


Shorty Awards Interview with BallHyped.com

From the Shorty Awards interview with BallHyped.com. If you like BallHyped.com, please vote for us at http://shortyawards.com/BallHyped before the end of January. What’s your best tweet? Our first, announcing the launch of @BallHyped on Sept. 13 — the anniversary of Tupac’s death oddly enough #StraightBallin’ What are six things you could never do without? Sports, [...]


BallHyped MLB Salary Report: Big Money Lands Players, Not World Series in 2010

Editor’s note: BallHyped plans on running salary figures and commentary after the end of each season because, let’s be honest, it’s rather fascinating to see the Yankees spend $100.4 million between four players and fail to make it to the World Series. By Erick D. Smith The New York Yankees spent close to $100.4 million [...]

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