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Peyton Manning, like “a lot of other people,” doesn’t watch Phil Simms’ show

Peyton Manning’s currently (and slowly, might we add) recovering from neck surgery. Multiple neck surgeries (Manning has had two) are pretty debilitating especially when you’re an NFL quarterback behind a shoddy offensive line. Well, with that injury, Manning’s career is in doubt. Dude’s already 36, and fans are already pining over Stanford QB Andrew Luck. [...]


Are the Miami Dolphins legitimately tanking?

The concept of tanking is one that, generally, fans and the media believe to be widespread in sports, but coaches and players will never admit to (because of the reverberations; can you imagine the type of scandal and lawsuits from bettors who found themselves in the negative because of it?). Although the notion of tanking [...]


Blogosphere on the NFL: Andrew Luck campaign and the rise of Victor Cruz

BallHyped loves the NFL blogosphere. It’s one of the facts of life, along with Jamie Foxx’s real name being Eric. These are things you should recite in your sleep by now, and if not, you’re decades behind. At BallHyped.com, users submit their favorite blog posts, normally their own, but can recommend others’ as well. And [...]

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