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Kwame Brown taught Andrew Bynum everything he knows, says Kwame Brown

Kwame Brown has a dubious history in the city of Los Angeles. In his two-and-a-half season stint with the Lakers, Kwame solidified his label as a draft bust  after the Washington Wizards blew a first-round pick in the 2001 NBA Draft (although that pick turned into All-Star Caron Butler). Dropped passes down low in the [...]


Kobe Bryant is on his way to becoming the Brett Favre of the NBA

Superstars in any sport aren’t without faults. In fact, all superstars in any sport suffer from incredible bouts of narcissism or, at the very least, insane stubbornness. Save for a very rare few, the superstars who can’t come to grips with their declining talent after years of physical dominance in their arena are the ones [...]


No, seriously, Andrew Bynum is close to being as good as Dwight Howard

If there’s one thing Los Angeles fans are notorious for, it’s being the West Coast version of Philadelphia fans. We love our teams with a passion, just like you do, except we are incredibly radical and impatient. We want to win now, and at all costs. Build through the draft or develop young talent? No [...]

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