A BallHyped Column by Erick D. Smith

Something smells rotten in New Jersey and it’s not Jimmy Hoffa’s body under the old Meadowland Stadium turf.

News continues to come out about soon-to-be former New York Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi’s now infamous trip of Miami Dolphins gunner Nolan Carroll. First he tripped Carroll and now we find out he’s building human walls to block gunners from getting down field.

Alosi went from being some unknown NFL washout/assistant coach to one of the leading sports stories of the week, and we’re already to Thursday morning. In typical fashion, the East-Coast loving media has ran with this story and I’d usually say give it a rest. Not today. Keep piling on the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. I love it.

The same media that earlier this season built up the Jets as the best team in the NFL, is now torching the team. It makes this West Coast guy rather happy.

However I will call out my fellow sports writers: keep the pressure on the Jets but don’t let the organization get away with allowing Alosi to fall solely on the sword.

Ryan might not have ordered the “hit” on Carroll but there is no way was he an absentee contractor overseeing the frequent construction of the Jets human wall. You better believe Rex Ryan and everybody else on the Jets sideline knew what was going on.

Ryan should be subject to at least the same $25,000 fine Alosi was hit with and throw in the Jets special team coach as well, since all this happened while his unit was on the field. With the NFL cracking down on players and illegal hits, Alosi’s hit might be the most egregious of the season. He was justifiably punished; now bring the hammer down on the bosses.

Then again, what if Ryan was truly clueless, as he claims? What does that say about his grasp on his team and coaching staff?

I can’t even come up with a witty answer to either question. It’s just not possible. The NFL is based on the control a head coach has over his team, just look at the unilateral authority Bill Belichick uses to run the Patriots. I guarantee his methods are employed by 95 percent of the NFL’s coaches.

Since we’re operating on the assumption Ryan knew about his players forming barriers to hinder opposing gunners, maybe this is his new late-season tactic to shift the news away from his team’s recent poor play. The Jets were blown out by the Patriots, lost a pathetic game to the Dolphins and needed some late and lucky magic to win a pair of overtime games over terrible teams.

Sorry Rex, but after your team is blown out this weekend by Pittsburgh, “Wallgate” will come an end and focus will shift to your underperforming team.

Look at me, now I’m just piling on.

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