BCS Championship

Things were a little unclear on the podium Monday night.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve left the names in our beat reporter’s recap of tonight’s “National Championship” blank, because us curmudgeon editors feel it’s not a championship game as defined by every other major professional and collegiate team sport in North America. Until there’s a playoff, we say [blank] the national championship. Congratulations _______!

NEW ORLEANS — The revenge was sweet. The shutout was even sweeter.

In a repeat clash of the No. 1 and 2 teams in the country (as determine by computers and coaches, rather than players and a playoff), _______ beat ___ 21-0 in one of the most dominant defensive showings we’ve seen in a “national championship.”

The win avenged a Nov. 5 loss in a game labeled the “Game of the Century,” despite the fact it was touchdown-less, defensive struggle that ended 9-6 in overtime.

If the November meeting was the Game of the Century, it’s uncertain what Monday’s game should have been called, being the No. 1 team in the country mustered just 92 total yards and five first downs.

Not that _______ dominated offensively, settling for 23, 34, 41, 35 and 44 yards before breaking free for a 34-yard touchdown run late to cap its second title in three years.

In the end, all that mattered was that _______ had captured its ninth “national championship” in the program’s storied history.

What if the champs wore another color, like blue?

Well Deserved

This year’s title was certainly _______’s most deserving title victory.

Sure, it lost to that same conference foe some four games earlier, but that didn’t mean any of the other four one-loss teams from non-___ conferences deserved a shot at the title.

After all, the ___ Conference has won a half dozen of these things, and there’s no evidence the computer rankings favor big-money schools that play in weighted conferences benefitting from the success of past seasons. And it’s not like these teams never leave their own 100,000-seat stadiums or refuse to play anyone substantial in the non-conference season.

Why give a Boise State a chance to foil your Mardi Gras party when you can preparty against powerhouses like Kent State, North Texas, or even Georgia Southern, which, for the record, lost to Division I-AA NATIONAL CHAMPION North Dakota State 35-7 in the 16-team I-AA playoffs.

What, you can’t believe the top division has a bowl series when all lower-level divisions have a legitimate playoff system in place?

What the naysayers fail to point out is that Division I-A is much more positive than the extremely negative lower divisions when it comes to its postseason system.

Thanks to our current Bowl System and the BcS, 35 teams were able to finish the 2011-12 postseason with a victory, which brings plenty of closure to another great postseason in the Division I ranks.

"It's all about these student-athletes."

See, it’s not about the money or the names on the bowls (Gildan, Famous Idaho Potatos, R+L Carriers, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, S.D. County Credit Union, MAACO, Sheraton, AdvoCare V100, Little Caesars, Belk, Northrop Grumman, Bridgepoint Education, Champs Sports, Valero Alamo, Bell Helicopter, New Era, Frank American Mortgage, Insight, Meineke Care Care, Hyundai, Auto Zone, Kraft, Chick-fil-A, TicketCity, Outback, Capital One, Taxslayer.com, Vizio, Tostitos, Allstate, Discover, AT&T, BBVA, GoDaddy.com and Allstate, again).

Nope, Division I football is all about the student-athlete and the ____ they represent. And that’s the way it should be, [blank]ers.

So What’s the Solution?

After this reading this, you’re probably thinking: “OK Mr. Know it All, what’s the solution then.” Rather than rant any more here, I’ll just link to last season’s post on this topic, and the need for an eight-team playoff.

We welcome your comments on the BCS vs. playoff scenario below …