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Tupac, Straight Ballin’ in the Pac 12.

So I’m heading to Los Angeles for a blogging conference next weekend, and figured I’d log on to the Pac-12 website to see if there weren’t any football games I could ditch the afternoon presentations for on Saturday.

Like many Pac-12 fans, I typed into my browser and was sickened to find the website had been converted into a Tea Party fan page, with dozens of links to content supporting, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin. You heard right, they went from Pac to Palin!

At first I was shocked, then I recalled the story BallHyped and our homies at Trojan Empire reported in February about the Pac-12 Conference (now hosted at butting heads with domain owner, Utah’s Austin Linford  (we didn’t name the owner previously, but after he sold out to the tea party, who cares now!).

Back then, we gave Linford props for converting the site into an Amazon affiliate site that promoted a dozen Tupac Shakur albums with a widget entitled “A 12Pac for Tupac.” The page title, “Tupac Lives!” also drew our praise because, as many of you know, was launched on the anniversary of Tupac’s death last September, and our “Straight Ballin’” blog was actually named after the track off Shakur’s Thug Life album.

But now the site not only refuses to support the Pac-12 Conference, it doesn’t support the greatest rapper of all-time anymore either.

And now the guy has the nerve to sue the Pacific-12/10 in an effort to keep the domain, asking for a declaratory judgment of non-infringement and claiming he registered the domain “in good faith for legitimate business reasons.”

So apparently a “legitimate business” is one that injects spammy RSS links into its homepage and titles its public-facing website: “During The Revolutionary War, Only 12 Percent Fought the British. Teaparty With The PAC12.”

Ummm, no thanks. I’d rather join a “party” at before I join your party.

Editor’s Note: BallHyped previously reached out to both parties for comment on this story to no avail. Attempts to reach Tupac Shakur for comment were also unsuccessful.

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