Andrew Luck

BallHyped loves the NFL blogosphere. It’s one of the facts of life, along with Jamie Foxx’s real name being Eric. These are things you should recite in your sleep by now, and if not, you’re decades behind.

At, users submit their favorite blog posts, normally their own, but can recommend others’ as well. And from this pool of recommended blog posts, we’ll select some of our favorite (as well as some of the most Hyped) posts and post the links here for you, the reader, to check out. Here they are, in no particular order.

Hue Jackson gets emotional, via Just a little less than 24 hours after Al Davis’ death, Hue Jackson leads his Oakland Raiders to a tough win over the Houston Texans. Watch as Jackson emotionally addresses his team in the locker room after the game.

Dan Marino doesn’t believe in ghosts or “Suck for Luck,” via The Pigskin Report. With Andrew Luck waiting to be drafted out of Stanford when 2012 starts rollin’ around, people are wondering which teams are tanking to pick up the star college QB. One of those people isn’t Dan Marino.

Who’s in the running for Luck, anyway? Via  Of course, tanking and getting the chance of drafting Andrew Luck isn’t such a horrible option. Which teams are well on their way on sucking enough?

Chicago Bears: Jerry Angelo and Mike Martz? Get ‘em outta here! Via Windy City Gridiron at SBNation. Chicago Bears’ fans are getting crazy frustrated, which is totally justifiable considering this team is under-achieving when compared to last year.

Victor Cruz, renowned salsa dancer, is getting attention for playing good football, via Giants Kickoff. Victor Cruz is continuing his rise from relative obscurity by playing well. Really damn well.